Friday, December 2, 2011


Today I had a parent/teacher conference with Mrs. Harper, Justin's 1st grade teacher. She tells me that he's doing great in Math, and she has no concerns in that area. However, his confidence in his reading needs improvement. He's not sure of himself and needs to build up his confidence and not second guess everything.
We then started to touch on behavior. While I know that will NEVER be an issue with my kids, maybe at home but NEVER at school, I was still shocked by what she had to say.
She said that Justin was her "name taker", and he takes down the names of everyone who's talking. HA! I used to do that too! She said he can look at her expression and know what she's thinking, and he calls it out!! But wait....this is the kicker!!!!!! She looks at me and said, "Mrs. LaFayette, if I could clone your son, I would. He works with everyone! Even the kid that all the other kids don't like or won't to work with, Justin will volunteer to work with the underdog! And because he does that, this little boy is improving with his grades because of Justin's help." She starts to cry and says that he truly makes her day easier and takes a load off of her. She cried!! I had to get up and walk around the table to tell her thank you and give her a hug. She apologized for the tears and went on to say how much of a help and delight he is. I was truly taken back by that!
Justin has ALWAYS been the favorite! (don't tell Ty or Morgan) Only because he is very observant and thoughtful. I know what Mrs. Harper meant when she said, he can know what she's thinking and call it out, because he does it daily with me! He tells Morgan, "Morgan leave mommy alone, she really needs to rest, she's tired" or he will say, "Don't ask for anything else to eat because mommy wants to fix her food and eat too!" And he's right every single time!! He's the one that will give you a hug and sit and ask you how your day was before he goes to play!!! He has to be the sweetest child I know...and not because he's mine! I'm proud of him and he makes my heart melt!! I have a soft spot for him that I don't have for anyone!! Proud mommy moment!
I love "MY JUSTY"

On a funny note. Yesterday I pulled out his first loose tooth!! He told me, "Ma, there's no such thing as the tooth fairy. You are the one who's going to put the dollar under my pillow, and you probably will take it from my bank too!" HILARIOUS!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Food For Thought!!

Do you ever sit and think about the countless serial killers, rapists and murders you may come in contact with EVERYDAY!?!? Behind you in the line, next to you at the traffic light or walking next to you down the street. God has protected you from harm!! GOD HAS KEPT YOU SAFE! So stop thinking you live in a "good" area or that you were "n the right place at the right time" Plain and simple...GOD HAS KEPT YOU! SO THANK HIM!!! #ThatIsAll

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Looking Back


The doctors told me I had MS on my brothers birthday. March 6, 2006. At the beginning it was terrible! The tests, were awful. Spinal taps where they go into your back to get fluid. Risky and painful healing.

Faith is what keeps me going and gets me through. I feel the best now then I ever did. In 2000 right after I got married and had my son I lost central vision in one of my eyes. I had peripheral vision in that eye but not central. I thought it was stress at that time and the doctors associated it with my migraines that would happen over the same eye. It happened again years later after my second son. That's when I knew something was wrong. Then I started getting blurred vision and my fingers and toes were numb. Couldn't feel anything. Could grasp anything. My scenes of touch was heightened. A hair brush felt like needles! My leg gave out on me at work and I almost hit the floor. It had attacked my muscles. I had to walk with my knee locked and not bend it because my knee was not strong enough to push off on. I went though a major transformation spiritually and I can say I have NEVER had that issue again. I had to stop working because I could not type!! Now I'm back to 48 wpm so GOD is good! I still have blurred vision if I'm stressed and numbness in my feet but that's it. I will tell anyone and everyone about my story because it is not for me. My story/testimony is for someone Else!!!!!

All if this is my past, my present is great and my future is brighter!! God is my healer and master physician!! I am brand new threw HIM


Sept. 25, 2011

Reading this is sooo amazing! He was healing me then, but it didnt stop there. My typing and vision is back and I'm just as fast/accurate as I was before, if not more! I have not had an issue of numbness since this post. I have to reflect on where I've been so that I can see where GOD has brought me!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

How to Start a Movement? Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy

Wow!!! This is the MOVEMENT that Visalus started!! This is exactly how MY team was built! "The first follower turned a lone nut into a leader!!"

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pray for those who HURT you!

I've always heard this, "pray for those who persecute you", and I've done it a few times but only because it was something I was suppose to do. My heart was never truly in it. However, once I truly realized how bad I was hurting, when I wanted it to stop, I did it! Wholeheartedly! If you are close to me or if you know me, you know my pains of my past. You know what has hurt me to my core. I've dealt with the same pain for 26yrs!!!

My husband, who I love and can truly say is my best friend said, "Do you pray for him?" And it clicked!! It hit like bricks! Not because I knew the power of praying for those who hurt you because I had yet to come to that revelation. But because God had showed me a long time ago that I am suppose to pray for those I think of. And in the end, HE always shows me why I had to pray for the people. He would send a messenger or I would get in contact with the person and they will tell me everything! Their trials were always part of the prayer I would pray in advanced. So it hit me!! Pray for him because he is always in my thoughts. The minute I started praying for him, my hurt left, instantly I was DELIVERED from the hurt that I felt from him. Now fear is another thing I need deliverance from, but hurt no longer lives here. At the end of the day, we must forgive. HE didn't suggest for us to forgive..HE TOLD US TO!
So for every boyfriend/girlfriend, family member or friend that has hurt you, put them in your prayers daily. Pray for their well being and their salvation. Pray to be rid of the hurt that they've caused, ask for deliverance. Ask for GOD to forgive you for your part. As you start to do this daily, you will feel your heart soften up, and that's when the healing will begin!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Body by Vi Promoter Gives Kidney to Fellow Team Member

Prospers Paradigm is more than a team who's trying to help save lives thru the 90 day body by Vi Challenge, we are a family who are determined to help save eachother!! See the selfless journey of our partners who are now brother and sister! They share something far greater than a business!!! I love my company and my team!!! Prosper Paradigm and Visalus is where I call home!! Love you guys!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011

From test to TESTimony!

So I rcv'd some very disturbing news that hit me to the core. I was informed that a very close cousin & friend was diagnosed with cancer and she was going to the doc to see what stage she was in. I prayed the heavens down when I heard the news! Putting satan (he doesn't deserve a normal font!)in his place and sending him back from which he came!! But wait..she posted this on her wall....

"I got a call from my Dr. he said ""It looks like cancer come in so we can discuss treatment plans"" I wont lie I was scared. Well come to find out they had the wrong chart. Im cancer free:) I walked out on cloud 9, what a good feeling :) I did tell Dr Flores I won't be back, I gotta find a better Dr. But I aint mad, I feel too good to be.... LOL"

I DARE someone to tell me that JESUS does not LIVE! I triple dog dare you!!!!!!!! lol

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Recap of my BDAY weekend!!

I took your advice and I did NOT bring the kids, and it was soooo needed. I'm much nicer and have more patience with my rugrats!! So as you know, or might not, I turned 32 on July 18!! This is where I stayed!!

2 bedroom villa at the Hilton Vacations at SeaWorld!!!!

My bday weekend was also the weekend for my binesses HUGE CONFERENCE! The 90 day body by Vi by Visalus, held the VITALITY conference in Orlando also. I connected with my business partners/friends from all over the world!!


over 6,000 in attendance!!!

I also met up with SOME of my friends/team while there!

It was a GREAT event!!

Filled with proposals, Checks, Cash, and Cofounder Ryan also paid for a kids college education!

Not to mention the tons of black BMW's that were in the house!! Visalus gives you $600 a month when you hit Regional Director (RD), on top of the other ways of getting paid. I have been 2k close to this position for 2 months! I will hit it this month!!!!! UGGGH!!

Want one!?!??!

One of the highlights was meeting our Visalus Kid Sophia!! She was 1 of the kids who won the real DISNEY EXPERIENCE! She's going to CALI! Limo, airfare, and resort stay!!

She's excited she won!!

Sophia and her mom
See her video and you will understand why she won!!!!!!!

Not to mention...Master P, Romeo, Hulk Hogan and their family was there and are taking the 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge!! 10million in prizes and 25k to be given away to the challenge winner! Lose 1lb and you can still win thru our lottery raffle!

When it was all over...this is how I relaxed!!!

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

What Should I do???

So, my fam and I just left Chicago Tuesday. We were there for 6 days and had a nice time. This trip was more for the kids than hubby and I. They had a great time. They played, swam, went to BBQ's and hung with cousins ALL day EVERY day!!

Unfortunately, it wasn't the trip for hubby and I as it usually is. We didn't do a date night or go to the lake like we do EVERY time we go home. We didn't do a date night at all!!! So hubby says that maybe we should make our Florida trip that was originally a family trip, just a trip for him and I. The kids don't know about Florida so it's not like they are expecting it. We would leave in a week. He says that they had a great trip and we focused on them now we should focus on us now. I soooooooooooo want to leave them but I feel guilty. Feels like I shouldn't play without them. Especially in Florida..that has always been our family vacay...but however, we did miss our chance to play in Chicago. What do you think? It's only for the weekend....should we steal away without the kids...or take them with us??

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Are you on Facebook???

Hey you guys!!!!! Are you on facebook?? Can you do me a HUGE favor!?!??! My babies put together a video and I need your help to vote for it so that they can win some great Disney World prizes!!! They've worked sooooooooooooooooo hard!!! Here's how you can help if you are on Facebook!

1, Go to Visalus Offical Fan Page and LIKE the page!
2, Scroll to find my video dated June 14th and when you find it, LIKE it! FYI, my name is Tia LaFayette ;)

If we are not already's a link to my page or you can find me via the fb badge to the right!! Thank you for your help!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

All for a REASON

We sometimes go thru life wondering why did our relationships fail, or people vanish from our lives without a word. Sometimes it's sooo sudden, and we have no clue as to why life has taken the turn it did.
I always used to say, where would I have been now if I didn't marry at 20, if I didn't have my first child at 20? It didn't dawn on me til I reached my mid 20's that I realized it was a protection from something. God allowed me to make my poor decision to get pregnant early because HE knew my future. He knew that if it wasn't with my now husband, that it would've probably been with someone else. I truly feel that meet, getting pregnant and getting married to my husband was a life saving event.

I look back to the type of girl I was, and I realize that I did not have much street sense. Not only that but I didn't have many standards either. All you had to do was be nice and seem as if you were trying to make a good life. Other than that..all else didn't matter. Well, not that it didn't matter but I don't think I paid attention to, or cared much about anything else. I look back on situations that I've been in that could have gotten me raped, kidnapped or even killed. I was wise, but not when it came to the streets. That was a place I had no place being, but found myself in situations that would've left me in harms way.

Which leads me to this young lady, Corrissa. She too was naive. The only difference between her and I was that I was not easily impressed. I didn't care for the rims, flashy dress, money and sound system. Remember, all you had to be was nice and treat me cool. As I look back..that wasn't enough. Maybe at the age of 19 that's how we all were, impressionable, but Corrissa lost her life.

So next time you question why, thank GOD instead!!

RIP Corrissa :(

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Is Your Order Out of Order?

My heart is heavy and this is where I am speaking from so please bare with the possible ramblings. I usually have my words together and in order and precise, unfortunately it's my heart that's typing and not my head.

God has truly been dealing with me the past few months. He is answering prayers and showing me who HE is. I have interceded for many people. Cried and prayed for others, and one by one He would show me how He has brought them full circle. He would show me how He did exactly what I prayed for. I slowly started to think..."Hey, what about me?" I have prayed for things and it seems as though God was purposely showing me the blessings of others but ignoring me. I know better than to let a thought like that cross into my head and I called satan out for the liar that he is. It wasn't until I heard a soft voice say, "you have not because you ask not." I started to realize that God was only doing what I asked of Him, and He was showing me. However, I said , "you are doing for everyone but me". I guess feeling sorry for myself. I started to realize how many tears I've cried on behalf of others. How many times I've prayed and poured my heart out for others. Yes I have prayed for myself and have been brought to tears, but never like the way I cry and pray for others. I started to realize while I'm being a light and a vessel for and of Him, I COULD be leading myself to hell and others to HIM. I realize that I need to worry about myself, my salvation and my walk more than I care about others. One reason is because I can't get them there, I can only help myself, and lastly, how can you guide others when your path is questionable?

I realized my order was out of order. Even though my head and heart puts GOD first all the time. My actions said otherwise. My order was, business, husband, kids, God then myself. Over the last few weeks I have started to rearrange that. He's coming back ya'll and when He does He is looking for His spotless bride. I am trying to do all that I know I'm suppose to to make sure I am chosen. The earthquakes and tsunami's are all in HIS word. The government can't help, your dollar will lose it's value and that can't help you either. Saving money, storing food and underground bunkers will not shield you. It doesn't matter anymore. Work on your order. When He is truly first, you don't have to work so hard at other things. When He is put in HIS proper place, He will handle EVERYTHING!!!

Read your bible as much as you it out loud since faith comes by hearing!! Pray for wisdom and for God to speak to you and give you wisdom, knowledge and understanding of Him and His word and all things concerning HIM and HIS will in your life. I pray that whomever reads this is taken to a higher level in HIM. I also pray that everyone who is reading this takes a moment to say a prayer for I am and have for you.

Love you all.....

God Bless

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Never would've Imagined!!

Everyone knows that I grew up in Chicago. My closest friends were from elementary school on the south side of Chicago. It's something about childhood friends from elementary. They prove to be the "true" friends of our childhood. There's a realness and an innocence about us as children. High school becomes filled with mean girls, popular against the unpopular, jocks against the geeks and so on.
Facebook has connected me with some of my closest best friends EVER!! I have found friends for kindergarten and up! It is a blessing and a reason for it.
Many of you know that I am a challenge promoter for the fastest growing weight loss company in the world! With 4million pounds lost in a year and 20,000 new members since last month, we are a force to be reckoned with!
This business has reunited me with one of my elementary school friends. With the help of facebook, I have been able to find her, reconnect with her, help her with her health and weight and VERY soon we will be working together in the business! God works in mysterious ways!
Shanika, I am glad I found you, I'm glad that you are here in atl with me, and I can't wait til we grow together Financially, Mentally, Spiritually and humbly!!

PS...Shanika has turned her eating habits around and has lost 2lbs in 3 days on the 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge! Ask us how!!!

Soooooooooooo proud of you! GO SHANIKA!!! Looking forward to adding you to my before and after photos!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011



What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word addiction? Most think of substance abuse (drugs, alcohol) But there are more addicts in society than we know. You and I could very well be an addict!!
Some of us have addictive personalities/behaviors and don't even know it.
Do you find yourself needing to talk with that special someone everyday, and if not you don't sleep well? Do you need that cup of coffee to get your day on the right track? Do you have to wear make-up just to go to the store?
One similarity that these behaviors have that is like substance abuse is withdrawal!! Your day not going well because you didn't have your coffee is an addictive behavior. Not sleeping because you haven't heard from the special someone today sounds like Doesn't it? Think about it. When a substance abuser doesn't get his fix sometimes he is left feeling sick and sometime volatile..that's called withdrawal. Do they differ? Are you addicted to anything or would like to share your thoughts.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

March 6, 2006

We all have those days we would never forget. For me, the birth of all 3 of my babies hold a spot in my memory that I can never erase.

One other day is March 6, 2006, my brother's birthday and the day that my life forever changed.

For 6 months prior to this date, I had been going through a series of heath issues that were unexplainable. Vision loss (which happened once in 2001) numbness in my fingers and toes, even the loss of feeling in my fingers and toes all together.

What was wrong with me? Why was I having so many problems with doing things that came so natural to me.

The touch of a hair brush felt like a porcupine, certain fabrics across my skin felt like sand paper.

6months of testing, vision evoked tests, MRI, CT scans and lumbar puncture or spinal tap. That was the worse, they go into your back a few centimeters from your spine and extract fluid. That actually wasn't too bad, it was the blood patch I had to get. That's where they pull blood from one part of your body to seal up the hole the made in your back because of terrible side effects I was having.

Laying in bed crying, wondering why? What did I do sooooooooo wrong? I was finally happy and now this! 6 months of not knowing anything.

But, on March 6, 2006 my doctor told me that all my test came back inconclusive. He had no clue what was wrong. Until he pulled my spinal tap levels. The levels were abnormal and he told me I had MS.

My heart is racing!! He starts to tell me of the meds I should try. All included shots administered by me!

I left out of the office terrified. I didn't take the elevator for fear of someone seeing the tears. I walked down 3 flights of stairs and cried in the stairwell for a good 5 mins til I was able to meet my mom who was waiting in the car. I had to be strong for her. I down played how scared I was to everyone I knew. I can NOT have them worrying about me.

I lost ability to drive. My babies faces were fading before my eyes. I found myself not being able to get out of bed, couldn't hold a pen, couldn't run, could barely walk. I gave myself shots every day for 3 months. Then I realized that God had a plan for me, and it was going to come through this diagnosis.

To this day I am delivered and healed by my savior JESUS!! No more shots, I am driving again and seeing everything I should see. I am not in a wheelchair like the doc said I would be. I am not dealing with my legs giving out! I am healed. The doctor's didn't tell me, my faith did!

My faith told me that every lesion they saw on my MRI would be gone, and glory be to GOD it was!!! I am here sent by HIM to tell of HIS works in my life. He is not a respecter of person. HE will do it for you!! He is the God of the encore!! He will do it over and over again!!!

Thank you for listening!!!!

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Growing up, we are taught to get a great education so that we can get a great job working for others to make their dreams come true. We've learned that %60 is failing, where in my business %60 is AWESOME! School didn't teach me how to work from home with MY OWN BUSINESS! They didn't show me a plan B just in case life threw me a curve ball that I couldn't catch! When I was diagnosed with MS, none of my notes, books or tests prepared me for what I should do next. I've been in the medical field my entire life and in 6 months I could no longer do what I've always done! What I had thousands of dollars in student loans in. Every time I went to work, my MS would have me immobilized, debilitated. Couldn't see, couldn't drive, couldn't feel, and couldn't take care of my family. At one point I couldn't see my 2yr old's face, or my darling baby girl as a newborn. Thank God I had a family who was there and supportive. And a husband with a heart of gold and compassion like no other!! I had to stop health depended on it! My cousin introduced me to a young lady that changed my life!!!

Yvonne came into my life and told me that there was another way! I could get healthier and work from home! Making my own money, no stress, do as I want when I want!! Her story of retiring at the age of 29 and working from home for at least 5 years was inspiring to me!! She then lead me to Robert Dean.
Multi-Millionaire Robert Dean has changed hundreds of lives through his company T.O.P.G.U.N Exp team. By teaching everyday people how to create a extra income full-time or part-time by contributing his tips and training. Mr. Dean and TOPGUN team have put many in a position to have success. His program is unified, his training is phenomenal, and his success is historical. Even though life has taken us on a different path at the moment, I know that the lessons I've learned will last a life time. And no matter where we end, I will ALWAYS consider Ms. Yvonne Berry as my mentor and not only a friend..but family.

God works in mysterious ways!! Through this venture, God brought me a great business partner!! Finally someone who shares the same faith and love for CHRIST!! The first person that I've shared private things with! Who can do that with someone they work with?? She is more than my business partner...she is one of my closest friends. Shonda Finklea!! Whether at work.........
Or at are bound to find us together!!
By the way..check out her amazing transformation!!! ;)

This freedom has lead me to sooo many wonderful people!!
Extraordinary trainer, mentor, woman of GOD and documented Millionaire who has helped countless people reach their goals and dreams through phenomenal faith based trainings and leadership!! Donna Allen!

The list goes on and on and on!!! At the end of the day, life will take you on a journey. Not for the weak at heart but for those willing to step out on faith and let GOD direct your path! Do NOT let you fear grow bigger than your FAITH!!
“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We all have something about our bodies that need tweaking, and if you don't, your health needs it. I, along with my friends, family and teammates have found something GREAT!!! The 90 day body by Vi Challenge!! I've never been the one who needed to lose weight, except right after my kids. I was always interested in gaining a pound or two! After being diagnosed with MS, my health became a HUGE factor! After gaining 8lbs, and helping my ENTIRE immediate family, a LOT of my distant family, friends, teammates and strangers to transform their bodies, it became a no brainer to get into the business as a challenge promoter!! Take a look at the before and after pics of my friends, family and teammates who participated in the 90 day body transformation challenge by clicking the Body by Vi Challenge Photos tab above!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What's on my mind....

Here are a few of my old posts that I posted some time ago. Funny how life brings me back to this same place and these poems have been my therapy...more than once. Just wanted to share.

The loudest words spoken are the ones unheard

The ones that start with a kiss and end with a hug

The look in your eyes, the touch of your embrace

Nothing much has to be said, your spirit speaks volumes

Your silence is loud, your look is deafening

I hear your touch

I hear your silent tears

I hear your pain

While your words are kind and loving

Your silence is passionate,

Your silence is fearful,

Your silence is love

From your silence I can see your heart

No words are ever needed, I'm listening to your heart.

Humble Prayer

Heavenly father, I pray to thee,

help me to love others,

the way that you love me.

Help me Lord, in all that I do,

to always be a reflection of you.

Walk with me closely, night and day,

so I shall never go astray.

Live in my heart, and give me your light,

that someday I may become pleasing in your sight.

Make me your vessel, that others may see,

your spiritual presence dwelling within me.

Walk with me Father, till my journey is through,

then by your grace, bring me home to you.

Hear My Cry!!!

My heart is heavy and burdened
Lord hear my cry
The enemy is attacking all those around me
while you have been my comforter and my strength
some are still lost and weary
Lord take my pain and feeling of helplessness away
heal the bodies and the financial struggles of my
loved ones
Release the strongholds that the enemy has placed
Dry my tears and hold my heart
Help me to be a blessing to others
as you have used me before
Show me your works and keep me grounded in you
while I know weeping may endure for the night but
joy cometh in the morning.
hear my cry Lord.

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Look Into My Eyes

Off and on throughout my life, I've dealt with insecurities and the feeling of self-consciousness. I now am able to see that all the things I was insecure about or self conscious about are no longer a factor. Not because I feel confident about these plagues, but because I know who I am in HIM and whose I am. It is not important at the end of the day. So I've learned to just be happy in the skin I'm in. I have grown content with my issues. I still have them, but they no longer have me. Here's what I wrote in my time of pain.

If you look into my eyes

you will find a young lady who has the ability

to laugh hysterically and cry uncontrollably

all in a day

You will find the jokester and life of the party

amongst her circle

Look into my eyes and you will find

I'm a mother, wife and friend

someone who puts others before her

loves those who angered her

befriends those who are different from her

brings those to tears in laughter

warms hearts with compassion and sincerity

but look a little deeper

You will find a young girl who still seeks approval

who's pain is deep and tears are shallow

but look a little deeper and you will find

the contentment of my present

the excitement of my future

the pain of my past

look a little deeper and you will find a young lady

who loves people

but wants to be alone (still tryin to figure that one out)

you will see a mother, wife and friend

deal with the curses of MS daily but ignore it

and keep it moving

you will find someone who will love so hard

til' it hurts

who has dealt with her own insecurities

not big enough, not tall enough and yes

not dark enough

Looking into my eyes will tell you

where I've been

the path I've followed

and pain I've endured

but look into my heart and you will find

where I'm headed

the happiness I' ve felt

and the journey I'm seeking

Look into my eyes......
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Friday, January 7, 2011

Ted Williams - The Man with the Golden Voice

I said this was our year, and it's his too! HE is putting HIS people in position!! Ya'll better get RIGHT before you get LEFT!! He is on HIS way!! Through it all, he knows who gets the credit!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Accidental 'butt-dial' sends out SWAT team

Woman who received garbled call thought husband was being held hostage
SWAT teams swarmed a Chicago-area school Monday evening after some hip-hop music and an accidental phone call led a woman to believe her husband was being held hostage, officials said.

Toting automatic weapons and clad in riot gear, SWAT team members stormed the Winnetka, Ill., school where the woman's husband works and searched it for nearly three hours — all because of a so-called "butt-dial."

"You know how when you sit on your phone when it's in your back pocket and it calls the last number that was dialed? His wife was the last number he'd dialed," Winnetka Police Chief Joseph De Lopez told the Chicago Tribune.

"He was listening to music and he had, I don't know, hip-hop … or music like that, where there were lyrics that were gangster-like," said Mark Friedman, the school district's superintendent. "So there were lyrics on the radio as he was driving home, and she listened to it and became concerned."

The wife, who was not identified, told 911 that when she received the call, she could not get her husband to respond, reported Pioneer Local, leading her to believe he was being held hostage by a gunman in his office.

The sweep at the Carleton Washburne School ended when the man was found safe at home by police, the Tribune reported. The man, who is an administrative employee at the school, declined to comment on the situation.

"He's embarrassed," Superintendent Friedman told the Tribune. "Who wouldn't be? He's taking it hard that it created such a response."

The 500 students who attend the middle school had left for the day by the time the 30 officers, some in bulletproof vests and helmets with face shields, arrived.

Winnetka police had no estimate of how much was spent on resources during the false alarm. After both the employee and his wife were interviewed by investigators, it was deemed that there was no intent to deceive police. No charges will be filed.