Tuesday, April 26, 2011

All for a REASON

We sometimes go thru life wondering why did our relationships fail, or people vanish from our lives without a word. Sometimes it's sooo sudden, and we have no clue as to why life has taken the turn it did.
I always used to say, where would I have been now if I didn't marry at 20, if I didn't have my first child at 20? It didn't dawn on me til I reached my mid 20's that I realized it was a protection from something. God allowed me to make my poor decision to get pregnant early because HE knew my future. He knew that if it wasn't with my now husband, that it would've probably been with someone else. I truly feel that meet, getting pregnant and getting married to my husband was a life saving event.

I look back to the type of girl I was, and I realize that I did not have much street sense. Not only that but I didn't have many standards either. All you had to do was be nice and seem as if you were trying to make a good life. Other than that..all else didn't matter. Well, not that it didn't matter but I don't think I paid attention to, or cared much about anything else. I look back on situations that I've been in that could have gotten me raped, kidnapped or even killed. I was wise, but not when it came to the streets. That was a place I had no place being, but found myself in situations that would've left me in harms way.

Which leads me to this young lady, Corrissa. She too was naive. The only difference between her and I was that I was not easily impressed. I didn't care for the rims, flashy dress, money and sound system. Remember, all you had to be was nice and treat me cool. As I look back..that wasn't enough. Maybe at the age of 19 that's how we all were, impressionable, but Corrissa lost her life.

So next time you question why, thank GOD instead!!

RIP Corrissa :(

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♥ CG ♥ said...

What an awful senseless tragedy. You're right, but for the grace...

25champ said...

sad story :( ....I know that I've been blessed...i wouldn't say that I wasn't street smart, but I def know that I didn't belong just because the standards I set 4 myself at a young were conflicting with my teenage life. God then gave me as a family as he did you...although my marriage didn't wrk out..i grew up as a man and have been blessed ever since....just wish every1 could make it :(