My "WHY"

What is your motivation for getting up everyday, even on the days that you don't want to? Why do you work a little harder and dream a little more? What is your WHY? Why do you do what you do?
My family is only half the reason why I do what I do.

In 2006 my life forever changed when I was diagnosed with MS. I knew that a change was coming and I'm not talking about Obama (ba-ding ching)lol. I knew that physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, my life had changed and I needed to do something quick. I started a check list of everything I needed in a new career. My new diagnosis had wiped out the only thing I'd done my entire work career. I no longer had use of my fingers to type (numbness and dead)and my vision blurring prevented me from driving. I needed to be some where close so that I can walk if my vision failed, I needed something with one day off during the week for doctors appts, low stress environment and minimum typing duties. GOD IS GOOD because I found just that!! I received everything I needed. However, there is no such thing as the perfect job if you aren't the BOSS!!! Within 7months that job turned into the exact opposite of what I needed. It became stressful, I had to work everyday and some weekends, the location moved, the duties got greater and my raises and bonuses got cut!!!

Then I joined a team that gave me all of that back, but this time it happened from home and I was the boss!!! I found VISALUS Science and my life changed! Helping my friends, teammates, ENTIRE immediate family and even my health on the body transformation challenge, it became a no brain-er to become a CHALLENGE PROMOTER

Multi-Millionaires/Founders of THE 90 Day Body By Vi Transformation Challenge have changed thousands of lives through Visalus Science. Teaching everyday people how to create a extra income full-time or part-time by contributing their tips and training. Visalus has put the entire ViFamily in a position to have success. The program is unified, their training is phenomenal, and Visalus success is historical. If you want to become successful, you have to start hanging out with successful people! Let's start by hanging with these!

Glimpses of success............

4,000 Attended our Event in Ohio March 2011
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6,000 in attendance at our event in Orlando July 2011

11,000 attended our National Event in Atlanta oct. 2011
Are you seeing a pattern here?!?!

Delisa and Marisa were given a FREE BMW for helping others improve their health and life!! 1800 BMW were given away in Sept. 2011!

So many were given away that BMW called Ryan Blair and asked if Visalus could please pick another color because we were giving them away quicker than they could make them!

Made it to Success From Home Magazine.....AGAIN!!! The Challenge is now up to 10 million 25MILLION!!

Made it in the Wall Street Journal!!

Mr. & Mrs. Latmore were only 1 of the most inspirational couples in Visalus!!

"8 Months ago our Family of 7 was living on 1 Minimum wage Fast food salary. 6 Weeks Later we were Ambassadors, 8 Months Later We are 3 Star Ambassadors. NOT Having $$$ is NOT an Excuse it is a REASON to get Started - It can't get More REAL than this pic"

Another very inspiring couple!!! Listen to their testimony! Pause my playlist to the right.

Glimpses of fun.......................................
*Results are not typical.*

And last but not least...Glimpse of life altering transformations.....


DO YOUR RESEARCH PEOPLE!! Every network marketing company claims to have the best COMPENSATION plan, best product, record breaking growth, & headed for a billion in revenue. Yet none of these companies have a new 6 figure Earner created every 36 hours, they don't have 25 BMW's given away every day, don't have 8 million pounds lost in under 2 years, not even close to 3000% growth over 18 months, don't have 80,000 people in their company let alone 80,000 joining just last month, and finally none of them will be the first and ONLY product company to do 1 billion in revenue in a year without leaving North America... There is only one... VISALUS SCIENCES!