Monday, May 31, 2010

Do you remember??

Pause playlist for memory lane. Do you remember where you were and what you were doing when you heard these?
ALL TIME FAVS.. *sighs* The GREAT ole Days!!

Pause it again!! I can't help myself! This is the only safe music I have now!!

My Theme Song...


Does anyone STILL love this song as much as I do? I can relate to all of it, except being on stage with 10,000 watching. My heart still cries when hearing it. It's like these are my words and he wrote it for me!!!! Not many are blessed to have this kinda love, nor be able to say they have felt this way about someone. If you have someone special (doesn't have to be a lover) treasure them!!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Engagement!!

I was sent this a few years back and every now and then fam and friends ask for it. I found it!! It is beautiful! I hope the couple is still together! All I can say is wow....what a man!! He truly loves her!!!!!


A couple in GA got engaged and the guy went all out and is now being recognized all over the U.S. for the love he has for his now fiancé. When you watch this you will want to cry. This is one more reason for not settling for less.

Imagine......... thinking you are attending your brother's birthday party, just to find out your boyfriend has reserved ten (10) rooms @ the Ritz Carlton...Upon entering each room a special letter is being read by someone special (in your circle of friends/family). Please take notice to the detail of each room, different color roses and some are laced in gold (breath taking).

I'm not sure how long it took this young man to prepare this surprise for her... But I'm very sure she was very pleased. This is off the charts and very romantic. Robert is a graduate of Southern University Q-dog) and is now an accountant with Home Depot at their corporate office in Atlanta. My understanding is that he financially footed the bill for this weekend himself. It was not supplemented by his parents. I was told that he moved in with his sister for approx. 6mos. and saved the money to pay for the engagement ring and all of the bells and whistles for this very special evening. A radio station in ATL was playing the song in the slide show and described what he had done and some men called in saying they had to step their game up. It actually touched a few of them because they admitted they didn't respect women on the level that he respects her.


To see this AMAZING photographer's work, check out his blog @ Ross Oscar Knight Photography.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I needed a CHANGE!!

In 2006 my life forever changed when I was diagnosed with MS. I knew that a change was coming and I'm not talking about Obama (ba-ding ching)lol. I knew that physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, my life had changed and I needed to do something quick. I started a check list of everything I needed in a new career. My new diagnosis had wiped out the only thing I'd done my entire work career. I no longer had use of my fingers to type (numbness and dead)and my vision blurring prevented me from driving. I needed to be some where close so that I can walk if my vision failed, I needed something with one day off during the week for doctors appts, low stress environment and minimum typing duties. GOD IS GOOD because I found just that!! I received everything I needed. However, there is no such thing as the perfect job if you aren't the BOSS!!! Within 7months that job turned into the exact opposite of what I needed. It became stressful, I had to work everyday and some weekends, the location moved, the duties got greater and my raises and bonuses got cut!!!

Then I joined a team that gave me all of that back, but this time it happened from home and I was the boss!!!

Multi-Millionaire Robert Dean has changed hundreds of lives through his company T.O.P.G.U.N Exp team. By teaching everyday people how to create a extra income full-time or part-time by contributing his tips and training. Mr. Dean and TOPGUN team have put us in a position to have success. His program is unified, his training is phenomenal, and his success is historical. Start learning from one of the industry's best teacher and motivator today. If you want to become a Millionaire, you have to start hanging out with them! Let's start by hanging with this one...

Who's rolling with me??
Keisha(left) Yvonne, my mentor(middle) me and Shonda!!
I love my ladies!!!!

Founder of EvolvHealth LLC Trey White.
  • Merged and in 1999 made it public IPO/$10 Billion market cap.
  • Chairman and creator of 4th largest producer of Ethanol (you pump his product when you pump your gas)
  • Chairman of a $500 million Disney styled theme park named EarthQuest currently under development in Dallas TX.
  • Trey is particularly known for his donations of gift baskets to terminally ill children & donations to local boy scouts and fire department and local charities. He donated over 50k bottles of Evolv water to Haiti and an undisclosed amount of money.





Saturday, May 22, 2010
Time: 10:30am - 12:00pm
Location: Marriott Midway Airport Hotel
Street: 6520 S. Cicero Ave
City/Town: Chicago, IL

MAY 21, 2010
Hyatt Regency Hotel
Fairlane Center Dearborn, MI
7:00 pm Presentation
7:30-8:30pm Training

10:00 AM SHARP!
5787 S. HAMPTON SUITE #402

SUNDAY MAY 23, 2010

More info on our team, our product, our company, our founder, our weekly 10 way pay out?
24hr info line 507-726-3821 CHECK US OUT HERE!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's All for a REASON!!!


Ever sit and wonder why you didn't get that job, that car, that man? Nothing is by coincidence if you are a faith believer. While we know God doesn't make everything happen, we do have to take responsibility for our own actions, He still allows things. And it is all for a reason. Many times that job, that car, that man are blocking us from our blessings. Something more, something far more greater, or sometimes just a lesson that is to be learned. Maybe we aren't old enough, mature enough or simply, not where we are suppose to be in our lives. We might not be able to handle what comes with that job, car, or man. Or also simply put, just for God's glory. Would you thank Him and praise Him like you should if He blessed you with that job, car or man? Aren't you more responsible, grateful and thankful today than you were a few years ago? Wouldn't you say you are more blessed now than you were a few years ago? Of course you are. And not by wordly things but just by being alive one more day. God knew you were more capable of handling the things you have now oppose to a few years ago. We are where we are suppose to be for a reason. Even the people that are in our lives are for a reason. And like I always say, IF YOU WALK AWAY FEELING YOU'VE LEARNED ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, KNOW THAT YOU'VE TAUGHT SOMEONE SOMETHING! Not all things are for your benefit. Sometimes it is just for someone else.


I, for so long have hid my feelings that I am starting to question what are my true feelings. I have come to realize over the last 2 years that I am a sensitive person. Not to the affect of crying, but in the aspect that those I love and care for can affect me easily. I have suppressed a pain for so long, that now when it comes up, I'm feeling that I'm just being dramatic or emotional. I never let it bother me before but now, it does. I sometimes truly don't know if I am being dramatic or maybe it truly does hurt. I don't deal with hurt much. I have been great at getting over it or ignoring it.

One of my loves is acting. I have sometimes questioned if I am truly feeling pain, or taking on one of the characters from my plays etc.

I do know that I don't allow myself to feel pain like I should. I beat myself up when I get hurt or even cry. I feel like I need to "just get over it" and "suck it up". Since I've been an adult, no one has seen me cry. My mom saw me cry 2 times since turning 20 and hubby might have witnessed tears 5-10 times..but that's not much considering we've been together since 97.

I guess the moral of this story is no matter how much you try to hide from you, you always will find yourself and the real you will always come out! Just wish I would've let me be me a long time ago. But hey, better late than never. FOR MORE OF MY BLOG AND THOUGHTS, CLICK HERE.

Do You Remember??

I remember when we were so close

we talked all the time

You told me of your dreams and desires

You told me how lonely you were

How you wanted a soulmate

My heart dropped

I thought I were your soulmate

But I loved you sooo much

I brought love your way

You thanked me..

I smiled, I was happy

Your family grew and you had

beautiful babies

Oh how I loved them so

You hit a hard patch in your life

You lost your job, your marriage was strained

I hurt for you, I felt your pain

You cried out to me, I was there for you

I got you a better job, I made your mate more loving

This time you didnt thank me

You took all the credit

I'm loosing my dear friend and

I have to get you back....

That gift from your mate,

that was my idea and you only thank him

The mysterious bonus check and miraculous healing

All me.....

Do you remember that?

I cast satan out of your home and life

I healed your family

I got you that raise


Have you forgotten about me

I miss my friend

I'll never give up on you


Thursday, May 6, 2010

No one writes letters anymore?!?!?

So, the other day I was talking to someone about how technology has robbed us of simple pleasures like writing letters. It's sad because our children have no clue as to what a letter and stamp is! I am determined to dig to find my last letter and plaque it, for it is a secret treasure.

Do you even know how to properly address a letter head? Are you knowledgeable on proper spacing and salutation etiquette?

Which leads me to this, (you know where I'm going don't you?) TECHNOLOGY!!! I was fine with the pager until a couple of decades ago when the cell phone became a demand. I am a simple kind of girl who does not like to be easily accessible. People knew that if I was not home, page me or leave a message. Nowadays, people can find anyone, anywhere, at anytime! Which messes up the old excuse "I'm sorry I didn't get your call". THAT SUCKS!! That excuse worked perfectly for me and I liked missing SOME calls (sad I know). All I ever wanted or needed was TTT (talk, text, take pics). However, now I will be one of the many millions who will be highly accessible. Because of my business I NEED to be reached at any time. So far, I love my team and I have yet to send anyone into voicemail. However I am sure there will be someone who is abusing my unlimited TTT. I marvel at the thought.

In a couple of weeks I will be a Droid girl. I'll tell you how I like it, but don't expect much! Till later,

Simply anti-technology,

Tia, from Tia's Real Talk

(update: When trying to find the proper image for this post, I was blocked by a virus saying I had spy ware on my PC...then I started to hear background noise coming thru my speakers!! Was that the hacker???? OH NO..I had to shut it down.)


(Guess what my son has for homework? He has to write a letter!!! The coincidence!! WOW!!)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


(repost, feeling it just as much now as I did when I wrote it)

My heart is heavy and burdened
Lord hear my cry
The enemy is attacking all those around me
while you have been my comforter and my strength
some are still lost and weary
Lord take my pain and feeling of helplessness away
heal the bodies and the financial struggles of my
loved ones
Release the strongholds that the enemy has placed
Dry my tears and hold my heart
Help me to be a blessing to others
as you have used me before
Show me your works and keep me grounded in you
while I know weeping may endure for the night but
joy cometh in the morning.
hear my cry Lord.