Sunday, December 20, 2009

What if......?

What if you and your partner had been dating since college. You've always known that you two would get married and be together forever. Shortly after college you two wed and start a family. Everything is going great, just a few issues here and there but nothing to be alarmed about.

You are 40yrs old and 15yrs into the marriage when one day you meet a total stranger that made your heart skip a beat. It was a random encounter, you would see him/her often but never spoke. Until one day your paths crossed and just from a simple grocery store conversation you felt sparks! Yes, they are attractive but this is more than attraction. You haven't even felt this feeling for your spouse. You reluctantly race to the grocery store everyday in hopes of seeing him/her again. Unbeknown to you, she/he is doing the same thing. Conversation leads to dinner, and more dinners to follow. Before you know it, you are having an affair!!! You have never even looked at another man/woman before but it was something about him/her that was irresistible. It has been a year into the affair and you are realizing that it was not lust, he/she is the one. Do you leave your spouse to be with your soul mate? Or, do you cut off the affair and work on your marriage? You did promise, "til death do us part". What would you do?

He's Not that into You!!

So I've finally seen the movie, "He's Not that into You" and it really had me thinking. I have listed a few of the myths below that the movie spoke of. I am asking the men and women, what do you think? Does it ring any truth to you?

1, If he gives you his number instead of taking yours, he's not into you.

I would kind of agree with this. This means he has no intentions on calling you. But there's exceptions to every rule.

2, If he says he will call you back but doesn't, he's not into you.

To me, this one is tricky. If he fails to call you back often then I would agree, he's not into you. But I wouldn't say that if he forgot once or twice that it meant he didn't like you, maybe he's just "busy". lol

3, A man that tells you he's not into marriage and he doesn't need a piece of paper to tell you he loves you, is not into you. Do men really think this way?

I agree. I feel that when that man finds the right one, he will race to make her his. If he dates you for 10yrs, my guess is he doesn't plan to marry you.

Things that make you go hmmmm....

Can a blind person see their dreams?

Can a person with no eyebrows be surprised?

Can a person with no fingers point me in the right direction?

If a child leaves home in a wheelchair, are they still considered runaways?

Why do you park in a drive-way and drive in a parking lot?

Can a deaf person hear that "inner voice"?

Friday, December 18, 2009

Don't you need a VACAY!!!!


Check out my exclusive offer to you for being a timeshare holder!!!


:3days 4nights in a 2bedroom 2ba villa

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Myrtle Beach

:3day 4night 2bed 2 ba suite or hotel if you choose

:Resort amenities (massage, bar, in door and outdoor pool, sauna, kiddy pool, private access to beach, and more)

:2 tickets to medieval times or 2 tickets to the Caroline Opera.
:Must listen to presentation/tour to get offer at discounted price.

Starting Jan, I will have 5star accommodations, domestic and international.


Call Gratia for questions or to book. 888-636-6522 ext.4574 Gratia (pronounced gree-sha) She knows me by Lakeisha LaFayette (file # 6085161) Tell her I sent you. Be sure to give the file number.

My Hawai'i Vacay!!

Hawaii is very expensive. Do not go there with a few hundred dollars. One activity can run you 200! Have spending money of 500+!! I have wayyy to many pics to post so just check out my facebook link to see them all. I had a blast!! Starting Jan. I will be able to get 5 star hotel or resort accommodations, domestic and international at discounted prices!! I must recommend Hawaii first on your list.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The memories!

(pause my playlist, bottom right sidebar)
Are any of you old enough to remember this song? What memories come to mind when you hear this? Can you think of where you were when you used to listen to this? I was always in the car with my aunt or listening to the radio. I don't even want to reveal how old I was. Ahhhhhh I love this song!!!!