Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Concentrate on things that are real

Things of God and not of this world

Worldly hopes and dreams will fade

Along with the flowers that wither away

The better things worth thinking of

Are the treasures found in the word of God

Things that are true, noble and right

Wholesome and pure, lovely and kind

These things have virtue and deserve our praise

They are eternal treasures that will never fade

These are the qualities we should all long for

And are the lasting treasures of the Lord

For flowers do fade and eventually die

But God's holy word remains forever alive

Humble Prayer

Heavenly father, I pray to thee,

help me to love others,

the way that you love me.

Help me Lord, in all that I do,

to always be a reflection of you.

Walk with me closely, night and day,

so I shall never go astray.

Live in my heart, and give me your light,

that someday I may become pleasing in your sight.

Make me your vessel, that others may see,

your spiritual presence dwelling within me.

Walk with me Father, till my journey is through,

then by your grace, bring me home to you.

My Chat with REPO!!!

You won't meet one like the up and coming comedian, Repo. With his edgy humor and witty spin on life's everyday loves, battles and struggles, Webster hasn't found the true definition of comedy. Come listen in as I unveil the mind behind the laughter.

1, What is your government name? Imma have to wait for my student loan folks get off my back before i answer that one.

2, Who came up with Repo? What's the story behind it? The name Repo came from one place but has three different meanings. I let this female (typical start to a story huh) borrow my car and she didn't want to answer the phone when i needed it and it started raining and i was on my bike. So i called up my folks got my spare key went over there and stole my own car. Three days later she called me up askin WHY i took my own car....so i told her from now on call me the Repoman.In the bike community folks started watching me drink and how much my small but almost sexy frame could hold so they said "Watch out he repossess all beverages at the bar"Lastly but most important...many things were takin from me in life due to my laid back nature in the forms or opportunities and even self..and now im taken all that back .....are you ready for the Repo-louition

3, How did you know this was the industry you wanted to pursue? I really didnt know. I started writing poetry round the age of 9..just to release my demons..and im actually quiet in public but the way i look at life and compare situations just so i can understand them and put into perspective, although odd ...entertains folks. One day i got a phone call from one my bois in the #1 Stunnas and he just said "Repo get your ass on stage and call me when you get off and let me know what hap pend"and once i got on stage and felt the challenge and got to say what i wanted to say and folks listened..i fell in love...even more than the love for gin.

4, Were you funny all of your life? Were you a class clown? I never saw my self as funny just different with a funny outlook, class clown....um id say more of the class idiot who accidentally blurted out things or may do stuff to shock and awe my classmates just cuz i finished my work before everybody else.

5, How did family and friends react to your interest in comedy? I know we all have the "nay" sayers, did you have anyone who did not support your dream? It was a shock not because of the fact they didnt know my potential but because i was on stage doing it. I was always in the background and still like that so when they actually saw that i was on stage they mouth dropped. They thought i was just talkin shit again. I didnt have really any "nay" sayers it was more less "bout daymn time either that or get a crazy check. Im still thinkin bout the check though...times is hard.As far as coming out to support..kinda touchy. Its hard for me because the friends and family that be around me tend to make excuses why they never seen me on stage other than videos i sent them or they ran across. i honestly must say the most support and kicks in the ass by not bein on stage came from when i started riding with the #1 Stunnas. So when i finally told them i was on stage the harassing phone calls and threats to shave my chia pet stopped.

6, What fuels your material? Is any of it real life experiences? Imma story teller with a strange twist. It all started by writtin about bike parties and the way i saw it happen and what i added. Most of my jokes are real life through my eyes. I have many stories that i was told folks still read. I gotta email from a gurl one day tellin me that she went back and printed everything i wrote ona web site just so she could have something worth reading under the dryer. Life period fuels my material and my desire to bring darkness to light.

7, Would you say your act is edggy? Is it a family friendly show? SIGH um ....sumtimes over the top..most the time. Im still young so im finding different was to tell the same jokes to a pg crowd and not loose the effect. So i guess it depends where im at8, Do you feel you need life lessons to fuel your material? Yes...you caint talk about something you dont know about. Even if its somebody elses life lesson it teaches you a lesson and when you talk bout it lesson learned on both parts.

9, Let's talk about your latest project. I hear that you are doing big things. Care to tell us about it? Well i taught my sea horse ta fetch but other than that, the idea has been tossed round by me and a very respected entertainment co in OKC bout me hosting a comedy show two times a month the idea is still on the table so im not going to go too much into it but it was an honor when i was asked.Also me and one my boys are working on a script for a commercial that we joked around about 2 years ago and up and coming director heard bout it and said "i think it will be a good look..get back to me" ..so working on that as well.

10, Where can your fans check you out? They can find me at any cockroach farm tryin ta make a livin or myspace of course http://www.myspace.com/thatdamnrepoimma put one my videos back up on there but alot stuff i have on video is extremely raw so im workin on gettin better stuff out.and if i forget ta put the videos back up...yall send me a message my mind dont work to well, damn pre mid-life crisis is killin me...man-a-pause is real
CHECK HIM OUT AT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQbEieTPRIk

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Someone else Likes Me!

My new blog buddy James over at The Tubman Solutions gave me a much appreciated award. There are a lot of great bloggers out there, but if you make it to my blog roll, then you are a favorite! He has titled it The Tubman Solutions for a great reason. To me he gives great solutions on everything. How to take care of your health, yourself and your mate! He even tells guys how to love and treat us, and for the most part a lot of it is correct. Every now and then he ruffles a few feathers but that is only to be expected with such a real blogger. Check him out here also at Chillin In The Tub to view my award!!

Thanks James!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Watch the company you keep.

Not everyone you encounter is your friend. Even if someone does something nice for you, that does not mean that they have your best interest at heart. You can't teach, reach, lead everyone. There will be a few that you will just have to keep in prayer and pray that they come to the truth. In saying that, please don't entertain foolishness. Just because it's not a sin doesn't mean it's good for you. There is a thing called a weight, weights bring you down. Remember that God can use you to bless anyone and He can also use them to bless you. Like I say in my email signature, "If you walk away feeling you've learned absolutely nothing, know that you've taught someone something!" That simply means not all lessons are for you. God can give you something that is sooo small to you but mean the world to someone else. He brings people in our path for us to teach and learn from, just as He does for others. So don't think that you are to reach everyone. He reaches them, you just do your duty and spread the good news and stay away from the weights and wrong doers. Two people on opposite sides of the fence can not share the same space for long and still have opposing views. At some point one will rub off on the other. If it is meant for you to entertain foolishness, GOD will call you to do so. He must call us to do certain things otherwise we will fall into the traps of satan. Only a few can go to the clubs to find and save souls, only a few can stand and preach the gospel on the corner, only a few can do missionary work in Iraq. We cannot choose ourselves. Let Him lead you. He will tell you if you should play with dirt, otherwise it will only get into your eyes.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Do you have a love like this? If not, I hope life brings you to it. Tamia is my favorite vocalist. Not only does she share my battle with MS..she seems to have a sweet spirit.

What if.........?

My cousin and I use to play "what if?" when we were little. It's just like "hypothetically speaking" that some MIA blogger posts periodically. I have a short "what if" that I would like your opinion on. This is for the guys and girls.

What if you were happy and in love. For the first time you have contemplated kids and marriage! For the first time your lover is actually your best friend!

Tragedy strikes when you find out that your man is sick and in need of a kidney transplant and only have months to live. Dialysis is not working and he is still taking a turn for the worse. The only option is a transplant. All hope seems to be gone when you find out that the donor list is a yr long until you decided to get tested.

The doctor comes in to your man's hospital room and tells you that he has the results of the test. You and your guy are anticipating the results. The doctor sits beside your fiance' and says that you are a match. You drop to the floor in tears. Finally, you all can be a happy family!

The doctor doesn't seem to be sharing in your joy. He looks up at you and tells you you are 6weeks pregnant and you can not be a donor.

What do you do? You are ready to save the life of your future husband but he wants you to keep the baby.

Ladies would you term your pregnancy for your one true love? Fellas would you want your life to be spared or the life of your child's?