Friday, April 23, 2010


My mom and I were talking about how we all have issues/strongholds that we need to take to the alter. Some of us may not know it or choose not to believe it but there is something in our lives that prevent maximum growth. It could be something as small as not following a task through or having too many tasks on your plate at once! Nevertheless we must realize what they are and work towards releasing it. It starts with taking self-inventory and wanting to reach your full potential. Next you have to seek the help/advice you need to accomplish and release, whether it be a friend, counselor, or pastor. The enemy finds a way to kill, steal and destroy all that's in his path. The smallest things could have the biggest adverse effect on you and how you handle certain situations. Waking up a noon everyday or skipping breakfast might seem small or unimportant, but those two things have negative strongholds that could be preventing your maximum growth and potential. The saying, 'don't sweat the small stuff', is not a quote you should follow in this case. It's the small stuff that satan uses to destroy or simply use as a weight in our lives. Make a change, sweat even the small stuff and realize what is your strongholds!



Are you in transition? How do you know? If you agree that you are a different person than you were a few years ago, but have yet to arrive to becoming what you are destined to become, you might say you are in transition. Transition does not come easy or without regrets. For the most part, we aren't even trying to change, sometimes it just happens. The world spins just as life does and we are forever evolving. For those Faith believers, transition is a spiritual path. It's the journey of taking the road to Christ, and the steps in a positive direction. People of the world might not experience many levels of transition. For them it might stop and hault and a certain plato. But those of faith, our transition is never over. We are constantly moving, progressing, searching and hopefully getting closer and closer to the Kingdom of God.

But let's say your transition has not been positive, and you have been places you regret. You might want to go backwards and hope to start again. But you must remember, as long as you continue to evolve and move there is hope. It's when you are not in transit that should cause you concern. Keep moving and pressing towards the mark. Even if you fall a few steps, it's ok, dust off and keep going. No matter how many times you fall, I assure you, you are further ahead now than you were years ago. So embrace your transition. Keep moving towards the right direction. And if you are unsure of the path to take, stop and look at your map (Bible) for direction. For the most part, the correct path is the path less traveled. Remember many are called but few are chosen. So for your sake pick the best path for the ultimate transition!!

24 hours

If you had only 24 hours left to live, how would you spend it?
With family and friends? Getting back at someone who did you wrong?
Would you spend it in prayer, asking for forgiveness, righting all wrongs?
Would you weep, would you mourn? Demand answers? Kick and scream or embrace
it with open arms? Are you ready to leave this world and travel the unknown?
Are you sure of where you will end up when our Savior returns? How would you
spend your last 24 hours?

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Miss Yvonne Berry. How do I sum her up into words? She is a beautiful, talented, strong leader and woman!! She has groomed me to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Stepping outside the box! She is there no matter the time or place. Giving a helping hand, words of encouragement and a swift kick in the hind when needed. Check her out!!



While studying the human mind is not my profession, I still find myself paying very close attention to behavior. Body language and the tone of our voice speaks volumes, but most importantly words not heard are the loudest words spoken. Meaning there is more in what you don't say than what you do. We all know the famous line, "say what you mean and mean what you say". Unfortunately nowadays neither are done. However, you can find the truth in someone without them speaking a word. Are they looking you in the eyes when telling you something, are their arms folded while talking to you? Studying or paying attention to behaviors will answer the untold truth, especially if these behaviors are out of the ordinary for the one you know.

Child psychology is what is dear to me. Our babies are acting out trying to tell us things that their littler mouths or heads have yet to fathom. Before spanking, time-outs, or revoked privileges, see where their head is. Study why your child is behaving in such a manor. A 2yr old that is having a 1hour tantrum probably has nothing to do with that toy he/she can't have. Look a little deeper. Could it be the absence of a parent, or the arrival of a new sibling. What about the promiscuous teen that has been labeled a hoe? Could her being raped and not knowing her father have anything to do with her behavior? Everything we do is for a reason. So before you write them off, punish them or simply give up on them, pay attention to them. Remember the loudest words heard are the ones unspoken.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I have just returned home from Chicago. I can never get enough of going back there!! Good fam, friends, and business always makes for a great time. I do not know what it is about that city. Every time I go I want to go down memory lane. Hubby and I will stroll the lake front, or navy pier; all of the places that we used to go while dating. I have to get with my cuz for girl talk and the much awaited Chicago food!

I realized one year when I went without hubby and couldn't see all my fam and friends like I wanted to, that Chicago wasn't that great. It actually hit me that the people make the place. 17-21 were the best years of my life!! I fall in love all over again. Maybe it's because I miss those days. Spending every minute with my cuz and hubby. Maybe it's because Chicago is where I've met some of the best people ever, who are now great friends. Maybe it's because that is the city where I was finally able to spread my wings and get from under the constraints of my parents. I loved hard in Chicago, laughed hard in Chicago, cried hard in Chicago and met these ladies in that city!!!Angie (far left) Met her in 2000 at work. She started off being a close friend, now she is one of my best!! I love her dearly. We all came out to shop for wedding dresses. She's getting married in Vegas!! VEGAS HERE WE COME!! Not to forget TOYA who is taking the pic and miss Diva Joy, second from left.

Here we are again in 2000-2001. I was huge! Baby weight and Depo! (top) Toya, Joy, Angie (bottom) Grace and I. Wow, I can't believe I put myself out there like that!! lol

Hubby and I in 2000! We were babies!!! lol Your first real true friends are those you've met in elementary school. I've just found my best friends in this pic on facebook!! The best science projects, dances, crushes all in this pic. Can you find me??

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Why do most lie?

What prompts most to lie? Or better yet, why do you lie? If you say you have never lied, you are lying right there. lol

If you say you no longer lie, that I can believe.

When I am lied to I feel very hurt and betrayed. I take a lot of mess off of people. I am very laid back, calm, non-judgemental and very comforting to those who need me. So I could never understand why someone would ever feel the need to lie to me? Why?

I do not blow up, I do not have anger or attitude issues, so why can't I be told the truth? You can't possibly say you would be afraid of my reaction to the truth.


I can't handle a lie. My hubby made a good point, he said people might lie to me because they are trying to protect my feelings or they don't want me to see them in a bad light if I knew the truth.

I understand but there is still no reason for it.

Do you want to come clean about a lie, you've told?

Why do you lie?
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Things that make you go hmmmm....

How is it that Erykah Badu might not get charged for indecency because the intent was not for sexual arousal under Dallas law, but here in Ga. a teacher is facing 5years for an obscene dance routine that his students performed without his knowledge? WE NEED A CHANGE PEOPLE!!!!