Thursday, October 25, 2012


Obesity and poverty are growing at an alarming rate! And if Romney gets's OVER! lol I help people make money by promoting a 90 Day Health and Fitness Challenge! Who do you know that would like my help in make an extra $1500- $2000 a month and get a FREE BMW like me?  Who do you know that NEEDS to lose weight, get fit, get healthy, yesterday!?!?!?
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I have issues.....;)

So... I've been digging deep. Trying to figure out why I do what I do..why I like/dislike certain things. CONFESSION:: I HATE COOKING!!! I don't mind holiday cooking usual because I'm ready for it, being that I dont eat that type of food regularly. I could never understand why I'm quick to bake my meats and I'm always looking for quick simple meals (20 min prep). I am on a healthy cooking kick b
ut I've never liked standing over the stove too long, even before I cared about my health. THEN I FIGURED IT OUT!! I've been damaged. At the age of 4 I used to cook! A family member used to force me! I was standing at a chair over the hot stove making macaroni while the other kids were watching cartoons. I cooked everday while mom was at work. When I turned 8 a different family member used to make me prepare a meal all by myself whenever I came to visit! Needless to say when my mom found out I was banded from these homes. Now if I can just figure out why I hate shopping!! Hmphh