Friday, December 2, 2011


Today I had a parent/teacher conference with Mrs. Harper, Justin's 1st grade teacher. She tells me that he's doing great in Math, and she has no concerns in that area. However, his confidence in his reading needs improvement. He's not sure of himself and needs to build up his confidence and not second guess everything.
We then started to touch on behavior. While I know that will NEVER be an issue with my kids, maybe at home but NEVER at school, I was still shocked by what she had to say.
She said that Justin was her "name taker", and he takes down the names of everyone who's talking. HA! I used to do that too! She said he can look at her expression and know what she's thinking, and he calls it out!! But wait....this is the kicker!!!!!! She looks at me and said, "Mrs. LaFayette, if I could clone your son, I would. He works with everyone! Even the kid that all the other kids don't like or won't to work with, Justin will volunteer to work with the underdog! And because he does that, this little boy is improving with his grades because of Justin's help." She starts to cry and says that he truly makes her day easier and takes a load off of her. She cried!! I had to get up and walk around the table to tell her thank you and give her a hug. She apologized for the tears and went on to say how much of a help and delight he is. I was truly taken back by that!
Justin has ALWAYS been the favorite! (don't tell Ty or Morgan) Only because he is very observant and thoughtful. I know what Mrs. Harper meant when she said, he can know what she's thinking and call it out, because he does it daily with me! He tells Morgan, "Morgan leave mommy alone, she really needs to rest, she's tired" or he will say, "Don't ask for anything else to eat because mommy wants to fix her food and eat too!" And he's right every single time!! He's the one that will give you a hug and sit and ask you how your day was before he goes to play!!! He has to be the sweetest child I know...and not because he's mine! I'm proud of him and he makes my heart melt!! I have a soft spot for him that I don't have for anyone!! Proud mommy moment!
I love "MY JUSTY"

On a funny note. Yesterday I pulled out his first loose tooth!! He told me, "Ma, there's no such thing as the tooth fairy. You are the one who's going to put the dollar under my pillow, and you probably will take it from my bank too!" HILARIOUS!!!