Friday, June 25, 2010

What if.....?

What do you do when the life you knew was not the truth? What if at the age of 7 you found out that "daddy" was not your real father. You never knew anything about him and as a child were afraid to ask. However, on your 18th birthday your mom sits you down and tells you the whole story. She tells you that she had just ended a long relationship with her fiance and found solace in the arms of her old flame and good friend. She tells you that she found out that the "old flame" was living a double life and that he was married with kids! She had been the other woman and didn't know it until you were conceived. She told him she was pregnant and that she was keeping you and that his jig was up. She knew all about his wife and kids. The final blow is that she reveals is that only 1 family member knows who your real father is. Everyone including your step dad (the only father you've ever known) thinks you are the product of the ex fiance. Not knowing that the relationship with the fiance had dissolved almost a year earlier. For years you wanted to find him or know who he was. With some research you knew you could find him. Until one day you find out that for 7yrs he knew how to reach you but chose not to. You ask your mom if he had ever done anything for you and she said "a pack of diapers and $20", and she thinks it's only because she sent him a baby pic of you.

For years you've put it behind you. Not wanting to disturb his life or inflict a blow to his wife and children that he had a love child. However a part of you wants to know why, and see the other half of you. But what if you aren't accepted, after all he knew where you were for 7yrs. Not to mention the fact that the whole family might end up knowing the truth. What if you are called a home wrecker or what if you find out he's dead! Can you handle the what if's? What would you do? Search, or move on?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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