Tuesday, July 24, 2012


This year has been one of great testimonies and grieve stricken trials, but through it all, GOD has kept me.  It's amazing how I can laugh and cry all in the same hour.  A host of emotions that I can't even bare to understand.
My plate is so full, so many expectations, goals, dreams to live for and some to make come true for others.  It's an honor to have those looking to you for answers and success.  But it is also a challenge.  I have chosen this life and sometimes I question my choices. 
Trying to be a good wife, trying to be successful so that I can do for my family what most will deem as impossible.  Trying to give my kids a FANTASTIC childhood.  My childhood was AMAZING and sometimes I fear that I'm falling short.  My childhood is a hard shoe to fill, and I want my kids to have what I had and more!!
If I tried to convey everything I felt into this post, it would be a 10 page spread.  So I guess in the condensed version, I have a lot of weight on my shoulders.  Sometimes I welcome it with open arms and other times I want to go into a quiet room and cry/scream!  All I can do is pray that I'm heading the direction that GOD has set forth and that my will is HIS WILL.
Many wish to walk in my shoes, but are you willing to walk a mile???  You want my triumph but are you ready to take on my trail?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

1yr ago...........

A year ago my GYN sent me a letter about my vitamin D levels being really low and all the cancers that are caused by vitamin D deficiency. She had me purchase $80 IU 5000 vitamin D pills. 1yr ago my husband was laid off for 6 months!  When he returned to work, (THANK GOD FOR THE RETURN) he had to take a lesser paying position where he loss 1/3 of his pay!  1yr later, no deficiency and the pills are still in my cabinet, unfinished!! 1yr later, because of GOD directing us to Visalus, we are replacing the income that was lost! 1 yr ago I was a tiny 103lbs driving a Nissan. Today I'm 115 and driving a Nissan AND a paid for BMW!! A year from now, what do you want your story to be???? IT HELPED ME AND IT CAN HELP YOU TOO!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It's been a while.........

It's been a while since I've shared true thoughts and feelings here.  Just when I was learning to "write it out", life kicked in again and I went back to old habits.  Soooo much has been going on thats it's hard to find the time to sit down and write, write for me and my sanity.
During my hiatus, Ive learned a few things.  One, writing things down free's my mind and blogging free's the burdens.  I've also learned to practice what I preach!!
For months I've been helping people with different issues.  Offering advice, prayer and just being the ear to vent to.  Lately, I've found myself in some of the same situations that I've helped others about.  Not being one to ask for help or share whats eating away at me, I find myself having to go into 3rd person. I know it sounds crazy but I would have to keep asking myself  "why" until I got to the root of the problem. "Why are you hurt", "why are you angry".  And when I answered that question, I would have to go deeper and quetion WHY again.  And I would keep asking and keep answering until Ive gotten to the root of my issue.  Crazy, I know...but it works.  I've also had to give myself the same advice I would give someone else.  Sounds easy but we fail to do that.  I found myself asking myself..."If your sister/friend came to you with this problem, what would you tell them?"  Some times we have to step back and step out and see ourselves from a different set of eyes. 
So...even though I've been MIA...I'm still learning and growing!!

PS...I miss my blog friends. :(

Monday, July 2, 2012


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