Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What's on my mind....

Here are a few of my old posts that I posted some time ago. Funny how life brings me back to this same place and these poems have been my therapy...more than once. Just wanted to share.

The loudest words spoken are the ones unheard

The ones that start with a kiss and end with a hug

The look in your eyes, the touch of your embrace

Nothing much has to be said, your spirit speaks volumes

Your silence is loud, your look is deafening

I hear your touch

I hear your silent tears

I hear your pain

While your words are kind and loving

Your silence is passionate,

Your silence is fearful,

Your silence is love

From your silence I can see your heart

No words are ever needed, I'm listening to your heart.

Humble Prayer

Heavenly father, I pray to thee,

help me to love others,

the way that you love me.

Help me Lord, in all that I do,

to always be a reflection of you.

Walk with me closely, night and day,

so I shall never go astray.

Live in my heart, and give me your light,

that someday I may become pleasing in your sight.

Make me your vessel, that others may see,

your spiritual presence dwelling within me.

Walk with me Father, till my journey is through,

then by your grace, bring me home to you.

Hear My Cry!!!

My heart is heavy and burdened
Lord hear my cry
The enemy is attacking all those around me
while you have been my comforter and my strength
some are still lost and weary
Lord take my pain and feeling of helplessness away
heal the bodies and the financial struggles of my
loved ones
Release the strongholds that the enemy has placed
Dry my tears and hold my heart
Help me to be a blessing to others
as you have used me before
Show me your works and keep me grounded in you
while I know weeping may endure for the night but
joy cometh in the morning.
hear my cry Lord.

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25champ said...

Your poetyr is amazing...spoke directly 2 my soul. Me likey :)

Tia's Real Talk said...

Thank you. It means alot. Sometimes I can get scatter brained so it's nice to know that someone can understand it. I ALWAYS write during my vulnerable times and it's all RAW...all heart speaking.