Thursday, September 25, 2008

Carousel Checks

Hey, has anyone heard of Carousel Checks? I came across their website and thought that it was pretty cool and pretty cheap. Well, I think 3.89 for a box of checks is cheap. Does anyone still use checks and if so would you use them?
I know we are in a paperless society. Everything is being converted to computers and plastic, at least that's what I thought. Not even a year ago something I was applying for asked for a voided check! Are you serious? lol. I was really taken back because I was told in order to be approved I needed one old check. Even the ones I had were from another very old account. It had been years since I had used a check. Ever since that happened I started considering getting checks again for "just in case" basis. I have checks now with my bank but I've never seen the variety that Carousel Checks have or maybe I‘m just out of the loop.
I've always liked photo checks but people are too crazy nowadays to have your face plastered across the front of your checks along with your personal info. But I have really been considering putting my hubby's business logo on it for his business checks instead of using personal checks.
I wrote my first check at 22 or 23. I was never a check person or credit card person. I always used cash until I realized how important credit was. I just started to build credit at 26 and I'm glad I waited because I would've had terrible credit if I had done it sooner.
Even when paying my car note they want the check number. So since society is obviously still using them, I might as well too. Only this time get the ones I like and not the old plain ones hubby gets. I seen some for sports lovers and even religious beliefs.
If you guys could check out the site and tell me if you would get them. I personally think it's a good deal and they are cute but again I'm no check writer so I don't want to waste my money. If you do order checks let me know how you like them cause I think I will. I would love your input and feed back on this.

Does anyone still use checks?
Would you be leery if a company took check only?
How much do you pay or what is reasonable?
Would you consider Carousel Checks?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

LaShawntanique Alize' Jekins

Ok I have revealed my urban name to a blogger, which is what inspired this post. When my mom had me, she probably wasn't concerned with racial stereo-types or racial profiling. However, I am very conscious of it and feel the need to give my kids a foot in the door and let their skills and personality speak for them.
Don't get me wrong, I named my kids Tyler, Justin and Morgan because I love the simplicity of the well as the name period. I have nothing against a Snatinique or Shanique but does society embrace it? Do we care about what society thinks. I do to a point. I have to live in this society, survive in this society so I do need societies approval if I want a hassel free life. Now mind you, some things I can careless about what society says because my Father owns the society so I'm good!
Still, I dont want to fill anyones quota when I apply for a job or enroll in school.
I want my name to be over looked. I want my skills, accomplishments and training to speak for me.

Are you a LaShawntanique Alize' ?

Do you embrace the urban name culture?

Do you stereotype based on names? Do you agree with it?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Who are You

I thought I knew you but I don't

Who are you?

You are not what you perceive to be

Nice and gentle

that may be

but that doesn't mean anything

Who are you inside?

What will your eulogy read?

Who are you?

Not the one you use to be

Sometimes I'm not sure if you even know

Look in the mirror

Who do you see?

I don't know....

the reflection is me.......

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Office SuperMarket in the UK!

Ok, I knew the UK was popular for Paris (the city of love and shopping!) and London, well to me it is because those are my favorite cities, even though I've never been there. They are a lot like us over here. Except I have noticed that their prices might not be as good, but better. With the economy in the US going bizzurk the prices in the UK aren't looking so bad. I don't know about the retail clothing industry but the UK has a Office SuperMarket UK and the prices made me SMH!(shake my head for the new bloggers;))
Maybe I'm a retard but I didn't know they were soooo much like us. They don't have all of this weird high fashion that the reality shows say. I know with me moving soon I would love to have their products.

I got the scoop on Korea from my friend Natarsha, but I want someone to check out the UK for the retail, and when you go, please pick me up this computer desk. lol. I wonder do they deliver? lol. They say 48 hours but does that apply to Lithonia Ga.?
In case you didn't know, my hubby has his own business and I would really like to get some home office furniture but because I'm not working, (due to excessive blogging just kidding) I can't afford new office furniture at the moment.

I know ya'll think I'm wacky for ranting and raving about a store in the UK, but when you have been looking for something specific (like that boardroom table) and finally find it for the price you are willing to pay to only find out it's in the UK, that hurts. lol. My other pieces match that boardroom table to a tee! Oh well, maybe oneday I'll be able to fly there in a day like so many others do. Well none of my friends (wink). I'll just dream about flying over to the city of love and shopping. Until then, I will just sign up for their newsletter and browse the site until I make it to the fab cities in the UK, unfortunately that is the closest I will get to it.

Let me stop before you guys think I'm crazy but seriously, check it out. In person if you're blessed like that, or online and become a dreamer like
Till later, or until I find a job.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"Mind Your Business Couch"

My 3 and 9 yr old boys have nose issues. They are the nosiest pair of children I know. Whatever happened to children being seen and not heard. Pullleeease!! They have no problem saying, "what was that", "who said that", "what happened" etc. Mind you, all those questions were never geared towards a convo they were in. My 9yr old is the worst. He will stand over my shoulder while I text, ask "who was that", once I'm off the phone and a ton of other "not your business questions".
One time a guy in the car in front of me was waving at me thru his rear view. Do you know my 9yr old (then 5) said, "mommy why was that man waving at you?" Are you kidding me. I was blown away.
The straw that broke the camels back was when I was trying to have a very discreet convo with my mother and that 9yr old yells from another room, "what?". I look around confused. He says, "mommy who's going there?". I had had enough. I told him to sit on the new "mind your business couch" until he learns to mind his own. It works great!
Taking away play stations and threatening whoopings don't work. But it's something about sitting all alone for no specified time that kids hate! Now all of my nosey kid visitors know the "mind your business couch". Niece and nephew. They actually catch their tongues now. Just be sure to not forget that they are on there like I did my 9yr old for an hour. He missed play time and had to go straight to bed..hahaha
If your child has nose issues, sit them on the "mind your business couch".
I threatened to put my hubby on it for 20 mins but that didn't work.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sought Potential

Support my blog buddy and brother in Christ. Check out the trailer to his new poem movie released this week!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Why won't you love me?

For years I didnt care, the older I got

I didn't need you...

so I thought.

I'm loveable, I've been told that

And I know you would've loved me too

if I only had the chance to show you

Should I cry at my age?

Should I think of you?

I'm a grown woman with the heart of a child

It hurts

the older I get

the worst I feel

Do I tell you

Where are you?

I'll just continue to hold it in

and cry in secret.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cold Heart or just sensitive?

I, at the age of blahblah, have realized sooo much about myself in the last year. I am sensitive. I had to say it, own it and admit it.
While I know I can be grudgeful, it all stems from sensitivity and being hurt. All my life I lived for others. My sole purpose for working when I was young was to help my mom financially. I put myself last for others, follow the rules and always do what is asked of me, but as of recently it just started to pay off.
I have prayed about my ways. If I feel mistreated or abused, their is an evil me inside. No I won't hurt you, or talk about you. But Lord forbid you are lying in blood on the side of the road, I will pull over, take a look, make sure you see me, and take off! That's what my heart feels, or felt at least.
I know that I am easy going, easy to talk to. Never had any trouble with anyone in school or work. Like by everyone. Didn't start to engage in arguments until I got married and now that has even changed for the better. So for the life of me I can NEVER understand why someone would feel the need to lie to me or mistreat me. It hurts to think about it.
Hubby says it's those exact reasons I've listed that makes people afraid to hurt me. They will lie to stop from hurting me with the truth. That might be true in some cases but not all. I bend over backwards for everyone I know and never feel I get it in return. so it has left me bitter in some areas in my life. I pray about it and it's better.
Am I sensitive or cold hearted?

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Do you adapt well to your surrounding? Do you welcome change? Or do you stick out like a sore thumb? Some of us have the chameleon capabilities. Can you interact with all races, religions and both genders and still be you? Or do you change to fit in.
sometimes I think both are warranted. For instance if you are amongst your friends who are all of different religions, you might not want to bring up confrontational subjects as it pertains to religion if it's not in a religious setting. But at the same time don't compromise your beliefs or who you are.
I personally adapt well, however I do tend to hold back at times. Loud party scenes(when I use to party) I tend to hold back a bit because I'm not an advocate of attention. You will find me playing pool, darts, sitting at the bar or occasionally dancing. But you wont find me in the middle of the floor or on the table tops.
I'm a lover of intimate settings. No more than one back seater is my max for comfort level.
How do you differ? Are you the same at work and play? Does your persona differ from who you really are? Are you hiding behind your blog?

Friday, September 5, 2008

Just Friends?

Can women and men be just friends without intimacy or attraction for each other? And if they are attracted do you feel that the flesh is strong enough to refrain?

I think a few things has to happen to make this possible.

I don't feel you can start off with an attraction and turn it off to "just be friends". Especially if the attraction is mutual. However that doesn't mean you will be intimate with that person, I just personally think it keeps the door open for a lot of possibilities that wouldn't be there if there wasn't any chemistry. I know it is possible, I've lived it. Before and during marriage. I was closer to guys than females and it never went down like that.

If you are in a relationship how would you feel about your partner becoming friends with someone of the opposite sex?

Hubby and I said a long time ago that if this person came before "us" then they should stay around. But to come home with numbers or talking to the opposite sex regularly claiming you are "friends" when you just met might be questionable. Especially if they are single and you aren't interested in your partner joining in on the friendship.

Guys and girls use that term very lightly when it comes to friends. Meeting random people and calling them friends is just an excuse to talk to them and it comes to no surprise if these "friends" hook up.

Do you think the only way for women and men to be platonic friends is if there is no chemistry?

Pleasures of the flesh is deadly. Sex is everywhere. Can you withstand your partner having a "friend"?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm Back!!

I had a BLAST!! I went to a wedding of a girl who is like a sister to me. She is in my earliest memories, since forever! I'm getting old..this is the 2nd time I cried at a wedding. No I didnt boo hoo, but the tears started flowing because she was soooooooo beautiful. My baby grew up and is murried nah! Even though she is older than I. Well 3 down and 2 to go. I will go back in Nov. for another wedding to cry at, then back to atl for another Nov wedding to shed yet another tear. All of them are dear young ladies to me. It is sooooo nice to see them find the men of their dreams. Unfortunately I can't put anyones pics up..they are not to fond of
My cousin/BFF, a childhood friend and I went out for a night on the town. We went to Big Bowl, a restaurant that specialize in Chinese and Thai foods. We had the potstickers for the appetizer, it grossed me out. Doesn't it look like little cocoons?

This is the pic I took downtown on the "lady's night out" after eating at the Big Bowl. Pic isnt the best but you get the drift! It was soooooooo beautiful!

Even though I had a great was time to return to the duties of a wife and mother, for not at least.