Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 6, 2006

We all have those days we would never forget. For me, the birth of all 3 of my babies hold a spot in my memory that I can never erase.

One other day is March 6, 2006, my brother's birthday and the day that my life forever changed.

For 6 months prior to this date, I had been going through a series of heath issues that were unexplainable. Vision loss (which happened once in 2001) numbness in my fingers and toes, even the loss of feeling in my fingers and toes all together.

What was wrong with me? Why was I having so many problems with doing things that came so natural to me.

The touch of a hair brush felt like a porcupine, certain fabrics across my skin felt like sand paper. 6months of testing, vision evoked tests, MRI, CT scans and lumbar puncture or spinal tap. That was the worse, they go into your back a few centimeters from your spine and extract fluid. That actually wasn't too bad, it was the blood patch I had to get. That's where they pull blood from one part of your body to seal up the hole the made in your back because of terrible side effects I was having.

Laying in bed crying, wondering why? What did I do sooooooooo wrong? I was finally happy and now this! 6 months of not knowing anything.

But, on March 6, 2006 my doctor told me that all my test came back inconclusive. He had no clue what was wrong. Until he pulled my spinal tap levels. The levels were abnormal and he told me I had MS.

My heart is racing!! He starts to tell me of the meds I should try. All included shots administered by me!

I left out of the office terrified. I didn't take the elevator for fear of someone seeing the tears. I walked down 3 flights of stairs and cried in the stairwell for a good 5 mins til I was able to meet my mom who was waiting in the car. I had to be strong for her. I down played how scared I was to everyone I knew. I can NOT have them worrying about me.

I lost ability to drive, my babies faces were fading before my eyes, I gave myself shots every day for 3 months. Then I realized that God had a plan for me, and it was going to come through this diagnosis.

To this day I am delivered and healed by my savior JESUS!! No more shots, I am driving again and seeing everything I should see. I am not in a wheelchair like the doc said I would be. I am not dealing with my legs giving out! I am healed. The doctor's didn't tell me, my faith did!

My faith told me that every lesion they saw on my MRI would be gone, and glory be to GOD it was!!! I am here sent by HIM to tell of HIS works in my life. He is not a respecter of person. HE will do it for you!! He is the God of the encore!! He will do it over and over again!!!

Thank you for listening!!!!
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Mizrepresent said...

I so loved this, an it is funny bc someone on the street handed me a brochure/pamplet about the glory of Jesus Christ. In that book i found a story about a lady who had Lupus and how she overcame...i was totally taken by surprise and joy. I know Gods grace, and you do too Tia. There is nothing for us to worry about...God said told Satan about Job, you will not touch his body. God has told Satan, he will not touch our's either, faithful servant you will always be watched over and taken care of. Tell, yell your testimony. Let the world know...God is...forever and always.

Jessica said...

This is amazing. Your faith is so encouraging.

Tia's Real Talk said...

@ Jess, you have to have it!! It is the substance of all things hoped for, the evidance of things not seen!! Doctors did a study and found that 70% of MS patients who had a faith in a high power did better than those who did not! HA my mom and grandma coulda told them that!!!! lol

JaKenya Lawrence said...

To GOD be all the glory. You are a walking testimony. Your story must be heard over and over again. Your determination for life is inspiring to many. Don't ever stop what God put you on this Earth to do. Keep your head up and know where your help comes. I am proud of you and happy to call myself your friend. Strength of a woman is powerful, God doesn't give it to everyone or should I say not everyone discovers their strength. You have and for that you are blessed. Congratulations you have only begun what he has already WALKED out for you. Continue to be a blessing to others because yours is already done. Love ya!

Tia's Real Talk said...

@Jakenya- Thank you! That meant a lot. I had to fake it til I made it because I truly thought a death sentence was handed to me. But I realized that I wasnt going thru this for me...but God needed me to help the hopeless. He needed people to know its not over and the can get thru. I heard Him tell me I was strong...and if I were weak and could not handle it, He would not have allowed it. I was just a vest and I had work to do.