Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Devil's Music........Hmmmmm??

repost from 2008

Remember being banned from listening to certain music because it is "the devils' music"? Well finally at the ripe age of 28, I get it. From a biblical stand point we all know that Satan was kicked out of Heaven. We also know that he was the chief musician. Well he still is!!!! His powers were never stripped from him. He is still the chief musician. What is his goal? To lure as many people as he can away from Christ. The easiest way is thru music because once it's in you, it can't get out. With TV you can close your eyes, with words you can simply stop reading. But with sound, you cant stop it unless you don't listen in the first place. Think of how music has transformed over time. Some say the enemy tried to lure us thru heavy metal. When playing some songs backward it has hidden messages. One popular message was to smoke weed. Which is why weed was so popular amongst the hippies. However it did not lure us blacks. So now he had to come up with ways to get us. It is said that Bone Thugs-N-Harmony sold their souls to the devil for record sales. On their first CD cover they have witchcraft on it. A message written backward, and the only way to read it is to put it against the mirror. However once this is done you are speaking it into your soul. We know the tongue is powerful. Remember God made the heavens and earth just by speaking it. Did you realize one of Jay-Z mix tape says "murder murder Jesus" backwards? Or that one of Snoops early CD's shows him in the hospital bed dead and coming back to life with Jesus spirit? Or when Wu-Tang had an animation on the beginning of their website that showed the "W" symbol slicing the head off of Jesus and a black hawk sucking out His soul and flying it over and placing it into them? Or the fact that Missy and Snoop have said they make their best music high. Hmm I wonder why? I wonder why their music is sooo much better while high. Because it's not them they are working under. Jay-Z calling himself J-hova. Come on now. And we at the club and concert throwing our hands up to J-hova then turn around on Sunday and throw your hands up to Jesus? Not right. All of this was brought to my attention by a controversial minister name G Craig Lewis. Hip-Hop hates him! He has a 3 or 4 part series entitled "The truth About Hip-Hop". And he speaks to teens all over the world. He will be here May 18 at Harvest Tabernacle in Lithonia,Ga.
Check him out and look at this clip. I know many won't like what I have said so feel free to respond.

Please let me know what you thought.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Don't forget tonight's 2010 Kick-Off teleconference! On the call...
• Hear why many top industry leaders have recently joined Evolv and learn their vision and goals for 2010.
• Special guest, and world-renowned speaker and former Olympian Vince Poscente will join us and talk about setting new goals and sticking to them.
• Hear from EvolvHealth CEO Brent Hicks on exciting new announcements for Q1 of 2010.
• Trey White, company Founder and Chairman, will finish the call, sharing his unique story from starting with nothing and what he did to build a company valued at over $10 Billion.

The call will be hosted Wednesday, January 6th, 2010 at 7:00pm CT.
To register, go to http://cts.vresp.com/c/?EvolvHealthLLC/bd43edd6c1/7bb64e0112/1c79e96333
Due to the large number of listeners, we are offering multiple call in numbers to be able to handle the listening population.
Choose any of the following numbers to dial into the call:
(712) 338-8186 PIN: 965055#or(507) 726-3200 PIN: 965055#or(218) 486-1400 PIN: 965055#

Feel free to invite your guests to this call to give them an inside look at where this company is going in 2010.
From everyone here at EvolvHealth, we wish you all the best in 2010.

What if.....?

What if someone told you you could become healthier and financially secure just by drinking water? Well someone is going to tell you that, tonight 10:30pm EST 646-519-5800 pin 6809#.
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