Thursday, July 21, 2011

From test to TESTimony!

So I rcv'd some very disturbing news that hit me to the core. I was informed that a very close cousin & friend was diagnosed with cancer and she was going to the doc to see what stage she was in. I prayed the heavens down when I heard the news! Putting satan (he doesn't deserve a normal font!)in his place and sending him back from which he came!! But wait..she posted this on her wall....

"I got a call from my Dr. he said ""It looks like cancer come in so we can discuss treatment plans"" I wont lie I was scared. Well come to find out they had the wrong chart. Im cancer free:) I walked out on cloud 9, what a good feeling :) I did tell Dr Flores I won't be back, I gotta find a better Dr. But I aint mad, I feel too good to be.... LOL"

I DARE someone to tell me that JESUS does not LIVE! I triple dog dare you!!!!!!!! lol


25champ said...

wow u scared me for a second lls

Tia's Real Talk said...

I know Champ!! How are you doing? Did you get my email about your brother? I'm sorry again.