Monday, February 25, 2008

Science Say "MS", God Says "Testimony"!

Well in case you all didn't know, my life forever changed on my brothers birthday 3-6-06. I was diagnosed with MS. MS is a condition that attacks the nerves in the body. It eats away at the protective cover called Myelin Sheth (like insulation on a wire) and exposes the nerve which cause many symptoms when exposed.
Back to the story at hand. I went through many tests, some painful. I've heard everything from : "you won't walk normal again", "you will get worse", and many other negative ungodly things. I have experienced vision loss, muscle weakness, and numbness in my extremities.
But the minute I heard, "you have MS', I knew there was something I was suppose to do. My life finally had purpose and a meaning that I could actually put my finger on. I am here to give God glory as well as lead as many people as possible to Him thru this story.
I had faith that God was going to do somethings for me. My faith was that one day the spots they saw on my MRI will be gone by the next one. And it was!! I said by March/April my vision will be at the point where I will drive confidently. And it is!
God is working with me and I can not let His works go in vein. I know that God didn't do this, He allowed it. He knows I am strong enough to endure it or He would not have allowed it. I know that this is for His glory and His glory only. I know it is to bring me closer to Him as well as others. Might sound crazy to some but this is the best thing thats happened to me. If I were weak and fragile would I have such a trial? Would I be able to endure the pain? No. All of my pain, trials and tribulations says that I am strong! And that this is only a testimony in the works.

Yes science says MS but God says Testimony!

Is your spirit in conflict with God? Is your world in contradiction to God's word? Is it in direct contradiction to God's plan and word He has spoken over your life? Are you or someone you know in a similar situation, science vs God? Or any testimony you would like to share? Please post your story or comment here!

What Is My Idenity?

So one day my husband and I are talking about being real to who you are. In his famous words, "do you". In light of this convo, I expressed my need to "keep the peace", even if it means biting my tongue and not fully expressing my feelings. In recent self-reflection, I realized I am a people pleaser. I will please you if it will "keep the peace".
My husband has always had a problem with me "keeping the peace" instead of "keeping it real". One battle I have recently had with myself- is being a people pleaser who I am? Is that my identity? Is that "doing me". Does it define who I am as a person?
Is that considered a genuine characteristic, to be a people pleaser? Or is it a fa├žade? Truth be told, still biting my tongue in regards to my opinion on things unless asked. I have become more vocal in displaying my likes, dislikes, wants and thoughts. Is it possible that my identity is doing what others want?
What is your take? Have you taken self inventory? Who are you and what is your true identity?