Sunday, July 24, 2011

Body by Vi Promoter Gives Kidney to Fellow Team Member

Prospers Paradigm is more than a team who's trying to help save lives thru the 90 day body by Vi Challenge, we are a family who are determined to help save eachother!! See the selfless journey of our partners who are now brother and sister! They share something far greater than a business!!! I love my company and my team!!! Prosper Paradigm and Visalus is where I call home!! Love you guys!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011

From test to TESTimony!

So I rcv'd some very disturbing news that hit me to the core. I was informed that a very close cousin & friend was diagnosed with cancer and she was going to the doc to see what stage she was in. I prayed the heavens down when I heard the news! Putting satan (he doesn't deserve a normal font!)in his place and sending him back from which he came!! But wait..she posted this on her wall....

"I got a call from my Dr. he said ""It looks like cancer come in so we can discuss treatment plans"" I wont lie I was scared. Well come to find out they had the wrong chart. Im cancer free:) I walked out on cloud 9, what a good feeling :) I did tell Dr Flores I won't be back, I gotta find a better Dr. But I aint mad, I feel too good to be.... LOL"

I DARE someone to tell me that JESUS does not LIVE! I triple dog dare you!!!!!!!! lol

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Recap of my BDAY weekend!!

I took your advice and I did NOT bring the kids, and it was soooo needed. I'm much nicer and have more patience with my rugrats!! So as you know, or might not, I turned 32 on July 18!! This is where I stayed!!

2 bedroom villa at the Hilton Vacations at SeaWorld!!!!

My bday weekend was also the weekend for my binesses HUGE CONFERENCE! The 90 day body by Vi by Visalus, held the VITALITY conference in Orlando also. I connected with my business partners/friends from all over the world!!


over 6,000 in attendance!!!

I also met up with SOME of my friends/team while there!

It was a GREAT event!!

Filled with proposals, Checks, Cash, and Cofounder Ryan also paid for a kids college education!

Not to mention the tons of black BMW's that were in the house!! Visalus gives you $600 a month when you hit Regional Director (RD), on top of the other ways of getting paid. I have been 2k close to this position for 2 months! I will hit it this month!!!!! UGGGH!!

Want one!?!??!

One of the highlights was meeting our Visalus Kid Sophia!! She was 1 of the kids who won the real DISNEY EXPERIENCE! She's going to CALI! Limo, airfare, and resort stay!!

She's excited she won!!

Sophia and her mom
See her video and you will understand why she won!!!!!!!

Not to mention...Master P, Romeo, Hulk Hogan and their family was there and are taking the 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge!! 10million in prizes and 25k to be given away to the challenge winner! Lose 1lb and you can still win thru our lottery raffle!

When it was all over...this is how I relaxed!!!

Wonderful weekend!!!! To view my blog, click here!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

What Should I do???

So, my fam and I just left Chicago Tuesday. We were there for 6 days and had a nice time. This trip was more for the kids than hubby and I. They had a great time. They played, swam, went to BBQ's and hung with cousins ALL day EVERY day!!

Unfortunately, it wasn't the trip for hubby and I as it usually is. We didn't do a date night or go to the lake like we do EVERY time we go home. We didn't do a date night at all!!! So hubby says that maybe we should make our Florida trip that was originally a family trip, just a trip for him and I. The kids don't know about Florida so it's not like they are expecting it. We would leave in a week. He says that they had a great trip and we focused on them now we should focus on us now. I soooooooooooo want to leave them but I feel guilty. Feels like I shouldn't play without them. Especially in Florida..that has always been our family vacay...but however, we did miss our chance to play in Chicago. What do you think? It's only for the weekend....should we steal away without the kids...or take them with us??