Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Living outside your means?

Going site seeing in Chicago was always fun to me. We would see Jordan's house, R. Kelly's and other Chicago stars. Funny how Chicago rich and Ga.'s rich are soooo different. Here in Ga there is no rich area really. A 200k home can sit next to a 799k home all on the same city street or dirt road. In the Chi you would have to travel to see the nice, rich big homes (i.e. Olympia Fields)Before my husband and I decided to move to Ga we were looking for homes in Chicago. We always knew where the black folks lived. Not because of the yard up keep, or price of the house, but because of the car in the drive way. For some reason my sistas and brutha(black folks) judge their worth by their cars. Every home occupied by blacks drove Benz, BMW's and Range Rovers. While homes occupied by white people drove Toyota's, Mazda's and Jeep Cherokees. Now I'm not saying all blacks but a majority of the young ones put worth into things that are not investments.
Why do you have a 70-90k automobile but live at home or in an apartment? Why is your credit bad and you can't get cable in your name but you have on more bling than Marc Jacobs has in stock?
I saw a show on lives of Millionaires and they all shopped on clearance racks, drove modest cars and used coupons. You can't stay rich when you spend lavishly.

Why do we put our money into materialistic things when our kids don't even have college funds?
Are you an spending outside your means? Know anyone who is? Put em on blast! lol


Magoo said...

I Do Sometimes. Lol

Real Talk said...

these are good questions.
i don't spend beyond my means at all. i sometimes think i can be cheap.
i thrift shop for myself and my son from time to time and i take hand-me downs from friends and family for him too

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I'm not living outside my means, but I am living in a house that I can't afford if I didn't have a second job. I sold my first house when I got married and after my divorce, I was determined to keep this one. Call me crazy, but I feel like owning at least one home is the American Dream that Dr. King talked about. I'll call it quits when God gives me the surrender flag. But so far, his giving me the thumbs up and I trust his opinion!

Tia's Real Talk said...

@ real talk- cheap is the way to be..times are crazy..we have to make sure we have the means for the things that keep us alive!!

@ free spirit- never give up the will to continue and suceed. `Continue striving for the best until your very last breath!