Sunday, October 5, 2008

What is Your Most Embarrassing Moment?

Ok, maybe it's good I didn't continue my singing/dancing/entertaining career, because I have found myself running in shame from some of my horror moments.

My city, the city I love more than any other..Chicago! Yes, my city had me trying to

Remember that cousin I spoke of? Well, we decided to take our singing to the next level.

We started taking vocal lessons, well I took 3. 70.00 per week, I couldn't afford at that time. So I started practicing what I was taught from my vocal coach and my high school friend Tamyra Gray.

Anyhoo, my cousin and I sang everywhere! Did nigh clubs (another embarrassing story), radio jingles and even was approached by managers and other groups that were interested in us!

We were on our way!!

So I thought.

We got the opportunity to sing live on a cable access channel. Yeah you know em, every city has that crazy cable channel that is low budget and usually are some kind of dance or talent show.

We were one of the groups who were to be featured on this show.

My other cousin was our manager (since she had the degree in Advertising/Marketing). We had one family member as our stylist for our hair and wardrobe..we were doing big thangs!

Tease was our name...not in a sexual manner but because we were Tia and Tanesha and to spell it T's was lame.

We practice our song by Faith Evans for weeks and had it down packed.

We arrive at the studio and we are greeted by a man like Jerome from Martin.

Yes, he was looking at us like we were a juicy steak!

He showed us around the studio and told us where we would be singing.

We asked him if we could use the restroom so we could practice and freshen up. He showed us the restroom and told us we were next.

"We're first?" "You're the only." "what?!?" "No one else showed up, so you girls have the entire 1 hr show."

Total fear and panic at this point. An hour show! Are you kidding. We shoulda known this would happen, after all this man was also the 1 of the 2 camera men, the sound guy and probably the janitor too for all we knew.

We are ready to sing. We look for the "3..2..1.." countdown. And we are on! Only thing is the sound guy screwed up our tape and it started in the middle of our intro!!! As we stand there looking aimlessly into the camera, I desperately try to play catch up.

That song wasn't the worst, well it wasn't for me. My cousin has a different opinion. My screw up came on a later song.

Now we are told we would have an interview. Oh lord. We sit with the man who is the sound man, camera man and now the host/interviewer. It didn't go well. Every time I spoke I got a lecture like a child and everything my cousin said she could never elaborate when more was asked. This interview was such a bust we were determined to take the spotlight off of us by telling him our manger/cousin also had a great voice. He licks his lips (she was also a juicy steak) and calls her on to the stage. Of course she gestured she was going to beat us up after the show. She never came on the set. Mind you the audience was filled with 13 people...9 of whom were with us!

Time for our second song. "His Eye is on the Sparrow", which we hadn't sung in months! A song I was just learning months earlier. The song was going fine until I thought it was over and put the mic down, only to hear my cousin ad-libbing more to the song. So I play it off the best way possible..pick up the mic and keep going. Now we are finally done. So I thought, she is still singing the song that should have been over by now. So here I am looking silly again by putting my mic down as if we are done.

Once it was finally over..the audience was to come and shake our hand while the credits rolled. Our family was not prepared to be on my other cousin slides and scoots sheepishly past one camera..another one was getting her every move! So we were all embarrassed that day.

Months later co-workers noticed me from that show. The show that we hoped no one would see being that it was aired on a hot summer July evening at 7pm. Why was anyone home anyway??

My cousin has successfully lost the tape and it will never be shown again!! Lord knows I hope!

I just revealed my embarrassing moment, and my cousin's...what's yours?


Bombchell said...

WOW!!! omg sorry!!! lol I hope your cousin hid it somewhere, it'll be something embarrassing to show the kids, or grandkids. lol call it a lesson on "always be prepared" or "background checks" lol

mine: i tend to brainwash them instantly.

hmm New Year's Eve 06-07, i fell down the stairs at a club & scrapped my shins =/

Tia's Real Talk said...

Girl I know..if I only knew...1997 we had no clue. Not even the kids will see that. I was dating my hubby then and told him to watch me on tv..thank God he missed it! He was the only person in Chicago with a danggone life!! lol..
sorry to hear about your spill down the you fell with style and

Jewelry Rockstar said...

That's a hilarious story, but I'll bet all the best have crazy stories like this. Why did you stop?

Tia's Real Talk said...

jewelry rockstar- I think I realized it was more of a fun hobby, childhood dream. My cousin was the one who was most serious about it.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

the making of stars no doubt - she bang lol

Don said...

Mind you the audience was filled with 13 people...9 of whom were with us!

Too funny. I am willing to bet that just about every entertainer has one of these stories to tell.

Wish I could check out that video. I'd hold it over your head forever.

Reading this post was a great way for me to start my morning.

Tia's Real Talk said...

No one will ever get their hands on that tape!!!! Right Let Me Explain..? You couldnt pay me to realease

James Tubman said...

that was a great story

i've lived in the hood all my life and in squalid poverty so my most embarrasing story blows that completely out the water lmao

but ill give you one of them though

while in the 9th grade of high school i went to the bathroom during first period

there was a guy in their drinking night train lol

all i wanted to do was go to the bathroom but the guy pointed me out and insisted that i finish the bottle

i was a push over then (still am) so i just took it and drunk up lol

i went back to class and like 45 minutes later i was laughing like crazy

next thing you know i was in the vice principles office getting ready to go home for three days

people tell me i couldnt even walk down the steps

people had to carry me around on their arms

i was a complete mess

luckily i wasnt suspended and my parents never found out

but i joked the whole year

even by the teachers

it was funny though

rebecca said...


Rain is falling all around,

It falls on field and tree,

It rains on the umbrella here,
And on the ships at sea.

-------- by aoc powerleveling

Tia's Real Talk said...

@ james--ahhhh hahha you big lush!! lol

Anonymous said...

Hey Tia...I bet you were embarrassed. You seemed to be the one trying to hold things down....hahaha. What was the audience expression....well did they shake your hand?

I have an embarrassing moment as well......hmmm, I may post it...stay tuned....LOL

Tia's Real Talk said...

Kin shar- hey girl..I'm good how are you? Well all "4" strangers shook our hand as well as the "9" family
It was too bright from all the lights so I couldnt see any faces.

Don said...

lmao @ u not even accepting money to release that video. i remember this post like yesterday.

Tasha said...

Toooooooooooo funny!!! I would pay to see that video. Maybe you and Nita should do a show cause she still thinks she can sing lol. I don't think I could've even went on t.v. and embarrased myself like that. I don't have any moment that could compare to yours.

Tia's Real Talk said...

Oh thanks Tasha!! Rub it in..just let me know that my embarrassing moment was the worst ever. lol. The longer you live..the more you have. You made me repost this. lol