Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How to Keep a Black Woman...(in my opinion)

She can be emotional- Accept it, we can't be as hard as we seem. We have high hormone levels and the pressures of being a woman on our shoulders.

Love Yourself- One for sure way to love us is to love you! Be confident, flaunt what you are good on what you are not.

Tell her- Yes you must show it, but it is also important to say it. Look into our eyes when you do.

appearance- You all aren't the only ones who care about it. Keep yourself up. Get your hair cut, buy some new kicks. Take pride in your swagger!

No show offs- don't put everything on display. We don't need to hear how loud your stereo can get or how many chains you can get from your local flee Market.

Educated- Its nothing like talking with a well spoken educated man. It's attractive if you know about today's events and a lil history. 2pac and Biggie don't count in either of the choices.

Take care of home- in every way you could imagine. Bills, and the overall happiness of your woman and your home.

Head of the house- this is a big one to me..being the head doesn't mean you dictate and bark orders...head of the house also means giving a role/duty to someone who might do it better than you. Just cause you are a man doesn't mean you can do it all. If you suck at house hold repairs, it's ok..HIRE SOMEONE!

honesty- be truthful about your feelings. Don't tell us what you think we want to hear. (unless we ask, "does this dress make me look fat") let us know how you feel. It takes a real man to express how he feels. It's ok to use words like hurt, sad and "I'm sorry"! You will be a happier man if you do.

There are sooooooooooo many more but here are a few. At the end of the day treat her as your best friend. If you are married to her, she comes before your friends and right after Jesus!

Feel free to leave word on how you would love a black woman or how you want to be loved.


Charles said...

Definitely feeling the list...most of those should be common sense to most...operative words 'should' and 'most'

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i have most if not all of what u say but women say i am intimidating
so i figure some women are not to have kings, warrior, scholar hanibal types u know

James Tubman said...

the hardness gets me because im so scared of rejection

sometimes its hard to approach someone when they are being evil or just looks evil

some guys love a challenge

i dont lol

but i still love this list

if you want to know something you should definately go to the source

im getting ready to print this out now :)