Friday, October 10, 2008

If You Were Never Born

How has your presence effected your inner circle? Do you feel that if you were never here things would be different? Of course it would be. Not saying that everything would be so terrible without your presence but you have made an impact.

How different would your friends be if they didn't have you? Who would be parenting your kids? Everything around you is how it is because of the people. That mean teacher is being a little more fair because of you. That racist boss will keep his comments to himself in the privacy of his own thoughts because of you. Your mother is more trusting of teens because of you. But realize you also could be a hell raiser and it could be the other way around.

That woman wouldn't have that black eye if it weren't for you. That child would still be alive if you would've said "no" to that beer at the club. Not all people are positive but we all play a part in this world. What side do you play.

Would people wish you were never born?


Jaz said...

U know, I've actually sat and thought about this before. I'm sure a few people's lives would be better if I hadn't of got to meddling & being mischievous. I figure, in the long run I've done more good than bad. Karma keeps me in check. It's busted my ass more than once & I'm sure it's not done with me yet.

Kin'shar said...

lol, sometimes "I" wish I was never born. Things could be so complicated in life where I wish I wasnt here dealing with it.... Remember when we were bills, no committment, nothing...just wash our behinds and go to school was all we had to do....I wanna go back to those days!

How are you sweets?

Real Talk said...

i've wondered things similar to this. moreso about what if i never went the college that i did and things like that. and most times when the questions come its when i think about what i would have changed if i could go back in time, but everything happens for a reason and i really believe that.
but being born...thats deeper, i never really went that far into it. interesting

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i have always been glad to be here, and think i have been here before have a great weekend - u need to stop by vmy store one day jones and wanna laugh? chk this out 10 weeks of seperation

James Tubman said...

yes lol

many people would wish i was never born

i think i have been a positive influence for those who have gained something from my thoughts and experiences

but for those who crossed me i dont think they liked me too much

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I have no regrets, God has a purpose for me that has yet to be revealed. How exciting to see my life unfold before "my very eyes". I'm blessed that I'm finally paying attention!

Blinders Off said...

I love your thought provoking post. I believe we all asked ourselves that once we become adults.

The only people who would wish I was never born are the people (in government, businesses, etc.,) because of my persistence and determination force them correct the wrong they committed towards people or a person who cannot or will not speak up for themselves.

Without I doubt I know if I were not here, I would be missed. I realized over the years, what we experience in life (the good and bad) it prepares us for what we have to do if we listen, accept, and follow what our purpose in life is. There is no fighting your purpose in life once you become aware of what it is.

Jewelry Rockstar said...

Good post. I think carefully about the impact I make on each life because I know that we are all connected.