Thursday, September 25, 2008

Carousel Checks

Hey, has anyone heard of Carousel Checks? I came across their website and thought that it was pretty cool and pretty cheap. Well, I think 3.89 for a box of checks is cheap. Does anyone still use checks and if so would you use them?
I know we are in a paperless society. Everything is being converted to computers and plastic, at least that's what I thought. Not even a year ago something I was applying for asked for a voided check! Are you serious? lol. I was really taken back because I was told in order to be approved I needed one old check. Even the ones I had were from another very old account. It had been years since I had used a check. Ever since that happened I started considering getting checks again for "just in case" basis. I have checks now with my bank but I've never seen the variety that Carousel Checks have or maybe I‘m just out of the loop.
I've always liked photo checks but people are too crazy nowadays to have your face plastered across the front of your checks along with your personal info. But I have really been considering putting my hubby's business logo on it for his business checks instead of using personal checks.
I wrote my first check at 22 or 23. I was never a check person or credit card person. I always used cash until I realized how important credit was. I just started to build credit at 26 and I'm glad I waited because I would've had terrible credit if I had done it sooner.
Even when paying my car note they want the check number. So since society is obviously still using them, I might as well too. Only this time get the ones I like and not the old plain ones hubby gets. I seen some for sports lovers and even religious beliefs.
If you guys could check out the site and tell me if you would get them. I personally think it's a good deal and they are cute but again I'm no check writer so I don't want to waste my money. If you do order checks let me know how you like them cause I think I will. I would love your input and feed back on this.

Does anyone still use checks?
Would you be leery if a company took check only?
How much do you pay or what is reasonable?
Would you consider Carousel Checks?


Don said...

I haven't written a check since '05. I imagine if I still had a checking account I'd have no problem ordering a few. No photo, just a plain solid colored check will do.

Real Talk said...

just found your site thanks to Don's link.
...when i read your profile, it reminded me so much of myself...
i will return

Ms.Erika said...

I write checks. Not that many but to my landscaping people and sometimes at the doctors office for co-pays. If I am paying a one time bill for a mag subscription I will write a check.

I've used those cute checks since 1999. I've had Elmo, Princess, all kinds of fun checks....

The other day I saw an old man writing a check in the grocery store! I thought OMG I haven't seen someone do that in years...!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i use chkc, no atm or debit card and cash. u know my economic position

Anonymous said...

They are horrible. We ordered checks and never received them. First the printer was broken, second the checks didn't come out right. We never received our checks and ever 2 weeks we finally canceled our order!!! Stay away

Anonymous said...

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