Thursday, October 2, 2008

Are you saving the Environment?

I will be the first to admit, I was not considered eco friendly at all. In fact, I just became aware of the term in my early 20's. It wasn't a huge issue to me or my family 7-8 years ago. Now everything is eco friendly. I saw on t.v how a couple saves energy by blending their smoothie drinks on their exercise bike! Or on the news they suggest pouring a bottle of water into the tank of your toilet to save on water. If I'm not mistaken it saves an average of 10 flushes. I also heard to save energy you should wash all of your clothes early in the day, one load after the other.
Now I'm a mom of 3. I can not hop on my exercise bike when I need to blend my 8 months old food. Nor can I wash all of my load of laundry early in the day, one after the other. My baby sleeps during that time so it's more feasible for me to wash at midnight. I also can not afford to buy water to flush down the toilet.
One thing I can say that is achievable for me and my lifestyle is eco friendly Canon Digital Cameras. I am sooo not with technology but I am a mother who is always taking pics. After my hubby's constant advise to get with the "times", I looked up eco friendly technology and found the SuperWarehouse and that Canon has minimized product packaging and the industry's longest-running toner recycling program! I never thought of toner recycling as energy saving. I have always done it for money saving! I even found HP Laptops that are light weight and thin for as little as 400.00! My laptop is not light weight to me, unfortunately, but who would've thought lightweight and thin helps the environment. I also found a few other laptops that won medals for environmental eco friendliness. Even though I have a pretty good scanner, epson scanners are also good on energy if anyone's interested.
Ok let's be mindful that environmental friendly products are also friendly on the pockets. With the gas shortage frenzy here in Ga, saving money is a huge deal! I am a faith believer and I know that we won’t be here forever, but since we are here now, let’s do our part and make our gadgets and trinkets eco friendly. Especially if it’s things you are already using. So if anyone is interested in saving the planet or your pockets check out superwarehouse. Everything on it is eco friendly!


Ruthibelle said...

good advice.

Anonymous said...

all this "going green" stuff is too funny. everything is 'green' these days

Jaz said...

I can't afford all this "green" stuff! I'm willing to wash my clothes in cold water. I can't afford a hybrid & I can't afford gas so I only go necessary places (does not driving count as being eco-friendly?). In the summer I shop at the city market, not cuz it's good for the environment, but because it's cheaper lol. I only put out 2 bags of trash & unlimited recycling cuz that's the law in Kansas City, MO. I guess you can say I'm eco-friendly by default! Horray for me! Good job on trying to make your "footprint" smaller (i learned that term on Kimora's Fabulous Life show)

Tia's Real Talk said...

ruthbelle, real talk and Jaz..thanks ladies!! I am no green chick. I'm a fruggle/cheap chick that realized being cheap does help the environment! lol.."footprint"..soooooo