Tuesday, October 21, 2008

State of Confusion

Have you ever got to a point in your life where you are totally confused on your next move? Some things come so easily, sometimes without a thought. Others leaving you baffled.

What am I suppose to do next? What do I do next?

If life could only give a manual. A book of directions to follow. Well there is. The bible!

But not all things need such heavy pondering. Step out on faith and do what you feel is best.

God won't always answer when you think He should. He wants to know where you stand.

So Stand Up!!!
Stop worrying about the trivial things all the time. Make a sound choice and ask God to lead you in the right direction in that choice that you made. He does tell us to leave our cares and burdens upon Him, but there are things that He would like for us to do on our own. He doesn't care what car you drive or if you rent or own. He does give us the desires of our heart.
Make up your own mind and do what you know you should do. I heard a pastor say the only time we are confused is when one of our options is the wrong one. Are we ever confused between right and right? No, there is always an option that is less than correct that we are always struggling with. So at the end of the day do the right thing and you will never go wrong!

Don't make life any harder on you than it has to be. Don't think everything is God and everything is the devil.

My life has me at a state of confusion right about now. Not knowing exactly what I should be doing. Hubby and I are thinking about moving back to Chicago. Will I work, or go to school, how long will I have to live in an apartment before we get established in that expensive city.

So many decisions but I know that if I do what's best for me and my family and keep Him first, all others will fall nicely into place.

Are you in a state of confusion?


Kin'shar said...


Gurl im there now!!!!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

My most recent state of confusion came with my ex trying to come back into my life and my heart. I cried a bit and prayed a lot and God said he's not the one for me anymore. I'm a little sad about it but it's no longer about him. Thanks for this post. I needed to say that out loud. Luv, peace and blessings!

Tia's Real Talk said...

Kin Shar- thanks for stoppin by, I sooooo appreciate it!

free spirit butterfly- I know it hurts but it is such a blessing when YOU know he's not the one. We both know God has someone great for you. He is being prepared for you as you are being prepared for him. Don't allow satan to keep you feelings a secret. Expose him for who and what he is! You are a blessed blessing!