Wednesday, September 24, 2008

LaShawntanique Alize' Jekins

Ok I have revealed my urban name to a blogger, which is what inspired this post. When my mom had me, she probably wasn't concerned with racial stereo-types or racial profiling. However, I am very conscious of it and feel the need to give my kids a foot in the door and let their skills and personality speak for them.
Don't get me wrong, I named my kids Tyler, Justin and Morgan because I love the simplicity of the well as the name period. I have nothing against a Snatinique or Shanique but does society embrace it? Do we care about what society thinks. I do to a point. I have to live in this society, survive in this society so I do need societies approval if I want a hassel free life. Now mind you, some things I can careless about what society says because my Father owns the society so I'm good!
Still, I dont want to fill anyones quota when I apply for a job or enroll in school.
I want my name to be over looked. I want my skills, accomplishments and training to speak for me.

Are you a LaShawntanique Alize' ?

Do you embrace the urban name culture?

Do you stereotype based on names? Do you agree with it?


Don said...

I don't think legal names have as much to do with the person as much as the person has to do with the person. But I can see how someone with an urban name can be tossed into a steretype,especially with how the televisiob (vision teller (c)Andre 3000) has programmed our domes to believe concerning urban names.

Of course, I do not agree with these stereotypes.

PhlyyGirl said...

LOL!!! AM I???? I am a Lashawntiquae Danitria.
I think that my name is hella ghetto, but my mother says that she thought it was classy when she gave it to me.
It's not HORRIBLE, but it's clearly african american AND I was named after my dad so that's like a double blow for me.
I love my name the older I get though because of it's uniqueness and the meaning attached to it in my family.
I try not to streotype based on names because I've had it done to me a few times, but for real for real, it happens. Not saying it's right, but still