Thursday, September 18, 2008

Office SuperMarket in the UK!

Ok, I knew the UK was popular for Paris (the city of love and shopping!) and London, well to me it is because those are my favorite cities, even though I've never been there. They are a lot like us over here. Except I have noticed that their prices might not be as good, but better. With the economy in the US going bizzurk the prices in the UK aren't looking so bad. I don't know about the retail clothing industry but the UK has a Office SuperMarket UK and the prices made me SMH!(shake my head for the new bloggers;))
Maybe I'm a retard but I didn't know they were soooo much like us. They don't have all of this weird high fashion that the reality shows say. I know with me moving soon I would love to have their products.

I got the scoop on Korea from my friend Natarsha, but I want someone to check out the UK for the retail, and when you go, please pick me up this computer desk. lol. I wonder do they deliver? lol. They say 48 hours but does that apply to Lithonia Ga.?
In case you didn't know, my hubby has his own business and I would really like to get some home office furniture but because I'm not working, (due to excessive blogging just kidding) I can't afford new office furniture at the moment.

I know ya'll think I'm wacky for ranting and raving about a store in the UK, but when you have been looking for something specific (like that boardroom table) and finally find it for the price you are willing to pay to only find out it's in the UK, that hurts. lol. My other pieces match that boardroom table to a tee! Oh well, maybe oneday I'll be able to fly there in a day like so many others do. Well none of my friends (wink). I'll just dream about flying over to the city of love and shopping. Until then, I will just sign up for their newsletter and browse the site until I make it to the fab cities in the UK, unfortunately that is the closest I will get to it.

Let me stop before you guys think I'm crazy but seriously, check it out. In person if you're blessed like that, or online and become a dreamer like
Till later, or until I find a job.


James Tubman said...

i reallllllly hope you get that computer desk babygurl

im going to get down on my knees and ask god to give it you lol

and that was very kind of you to tell people what SMH meant

you really are a cancer

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

u are not a retard

and have a great weekend

chk out my last vtwo post on economy if u can