Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"Mind Your Business Couch"

My 3 and 9 yr old boys have nose issues. They are the nosiest pair of children I know. Whatever happened to children being seen and not heard. Pullleeease!! They have no problem saying, "what was that", "who said that", "what happened" etc. Mind you, all those questions were never geared towards a convo they were in. My 9yr old is the worst. He will stand over my shoulder while I text, ask "who was that", once I'm off the phone and a ton of other "not your business questions".
One time a guy in the car in front of me was waving at me thru his rear view. Do you know my 9yr old (then 5) said, "mommy why was that man waving at you?" Are you kidding me. I was blown away.
The straw that broke the camels back was when I was trying to have a very discreet convo with my mother and that 9yr old yells from another room, "what?". I look around confused. He says, "mommy who's going there?". I had had enough. I told him to sit on the new "mind your business couch" until he learns to mind his own. It works great!
Taking away play stations and threatening whoopings don't work. But it's something about sitting all alone for no specified time that kids hate! Now all of my nosey kid visitors know the "mind your business couch". Niece and nephew. They actually catch their tongues now. Just be sure to not forget that they are on there like I did my 9yr old for an hour. He missed play time and had to go straight to bed..hahaha
If your child has nose issues, sit them on the "mind your business couch".
I threatened to put my hubby on it for 20 mins but that didn't work.


Don said...

Too funny @ threatened to place your husband on the couch. Grown Woman Tia. LOL.

I think the situation with your kids is a blessed one, although it might not seem that ways. I can remember being that age and knowing alot and wanting to know even more. I think your sons will arrive @ the point where they will turn that attention towards others things and still remain sharp and smart.

Hope you have a great day.

Ruthibelle said...

good thing that didnt work too.. putting hubby on the couch, nah... whatever happened to ONE flesh? lol

Ms.Erika said...

I think I will try that. My 9 year old daughter is forever over my shoulder...

Tia's Real Talk said...

Girl it works..she will bite her tongue just at the thought of sitting somewhere alone...they hate it..but it works!