Tuesday, June 3, 2008


As some of you are aware, Credability -'Where we're building credit from the ground up' is now up and running to provide you with your credit counseling needs. This Chicago based company will provide you with the education and the counseling you need to get and keep your credit on the right track.

How does Credability differ from other credit repair agencies?
-Credability is not only for credit modification but also counseling and education.
-Maybe your credit is fine but you are interested in being in the 700 or above club.
-Credability does not believe in 'piggy backing' to jump credit scores. There are a pool of people whom credit agencies pay to have their clients piggy back total strangers for their credit history.

The economy is at an all time high in foreclosures. A few years ago lenders came up with all kinds of different programs to get low income and poor credit families into homes. They did this by putting them in an ARM (adjustable rate mortgage). These families were getting into homes with no down payments, no fees, free closing and mortgages of their dreams. The only stipulation was the ARM would increase their mortgage sometimes up to $300. This is how the real-estate market crashed making it a buyers market full of foreclosures and short sales.

What does this have to do with my credit?
-If you are looking to purchase a home, it has everything to do with your credit. Lenders are trying to recoup their monies/losses. It is getting back to where it use to be 20yrs ago where it was hard to purchase a home with no money down and no fees. Plus the FICO score has been raised. To get a home with a decent interest rate you have to be at a high 600. You also can no longer use 'piggy backing' as a means to add points to your score because authorized users are no longer in effect. So your score is yours and yours only.

But I'm already a home owner.
-That's great, but if you ever decide to refi on your home or car loan, your score depends on your interest rate. All the more reason why you should stick with Credability for your credit counseling/repair/education!

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Natarsha said...

I am biased towards credit repair agencies because I thought that I needed help to repair my credit. Needless to say, when I paid the fee during the initial consultation when I called back a week later I could not find this so called, "credit agencies" that claimed they wanted to help me. I would encourage people to do research and go to a agency as a last result, most of the time you can fix your credit, by simply paying your bills on time and calling companies to work out a payment plan, or paying the balance in full at a reduced rate..it really does work and you don't have to pay someone to tell you how to repair your credit you messed up.

Tia's Real Talk said...

Absolutely!!! that's why "we" teach you how to rebuild after falling down. Sometimes even after paying your bills on time and correctly human error happens. Do you know what to do when payments are posted wrong? When old accounts are reopened or duplicates are on your reports? Or the letters you need to get from creditors? My husband started it to help people out. He did it for free for a long while. But do be biased because most do not go by the law of their state. I use the word repair loosely.

Tia's Real Talk said...

I don't use the word repair loosely..

Natarsha said...

Thanks for that info...It is great what you are doing to help others.