Sunday, June 8, 2008


This is my pleasurable work! I love them dearly but they keep me on my toes. My boys are in Chicago. They have been there since May 24 and will return when hubby and I go in July. I miss them but momma needed a break!!

Lets meet Tyler. My soon to be 9yr in July. He is a mild tempered, honor roll and occasionally principal list student. He is the daddy to his younger brother. I can trust him to make cereal and waffles for him and his brother when I know breakfast will not happen, thanks to my lil mama who you will meet soon. Tyler is loved by all but he is starting to display his mean attitude streak that he gets from his daddy. Only the Ga. family knows of it, but now his Chicago MiMa (grandmother) has experienced it as well. He loves skate boarding, play station and football. I'm sure you can tell. I had to get this picture of him pretending to be a QB. He stuffed shirts in his shoulders! Can't you tell they are big for a 9yr old? lol

Lets meet Justin. He is 3 going on 10! He loves everyone! He would tell me everyone that he loved everyday. He is joined to the hip of Tyler and the protector of lil mama. Very out spoken but loving. He does not play. He has told me in the most sincere voice, "mommy I don't have to go to bed." It was so genuine without attitude I couldn't even be mad. I just had to explain what mommy says goes. He's an avid teeth brusher and hates getting ready for bed. You have to take his clothes off sometimes while he is sleep if you want peace. He is also a night owl..he can stay up till 2-3am with the best of them.

Last but not least, Morgan. BKA lil mama, Mo-Mo. She will be 5 months on 6-17. She is spoiled, and I promise she came out that way. Her first day of life, she did not want to sleep alone in the baby bed at the hospital. My baby has had stomach issues, she was gasy and threw up everything that went down. She has been on 4 different milks and has acid reflux. And suffered from constipation at 2 days old!! So needless to say she had some issues that would make any mom or dad spoil their baby. She is also like her brother and can stay up with the best of them. From 5pm to 5am. Jesus help



Don said...

that's the business. that's the business right there. i know you cannot wait to join 'em. good deal.

He stuffed shirts in his shoulders! same here. lol.

Tia's Real Talk said...

yeah I'm excited..I'm gonna cover every ground in the pic. lol...did you play sports as a child?

Natarsha said...

Your family is so adorable...Can't wait to photograph them...that is me speaking it into

Tia's Real Talk said...

You doing right..and it's out there. It will happen sooner than you think. ;)

Stephanie said...

These babies are sooooooooooooo beautiful! I didn't even know there was a third one. She's a doll. Is your husband still doing music?

Tia's Real Talk said...

Girl no..he's done with that. He went to NY for 3 yrs and did some stuff..and now the money is finally coming in and he wants no parts of it!!!