Monday, June 16, 2008


At what point do you consider someone your friend? By the length of time you have known them? The things they have done for you or the secrets they have kept? Well my friends are family. No lie, my best friend is my cousin. The one person who is not my fam that I consider my friend has been around for 14yrs. I don't trust easily and find it hard to be what everyone wants me to be. A person has to do more than show themselves friendly. For whatever reason I attracted clingy female friends. And when I had to end it, it was like breaking up with a boyfriend. With that being said, I met my last friend 7yrs ago. This isn't to say I don't have close associates or people I hang out with from time to time, just like everyone can't be your spouse, everyone can NOT be your friend! If you ever catch me out you will find me with either my husband, sisters or my mother. I personally don't believe you must talk with your friend daily to justify your friendship. That's whats great about the 2 friends that I have outside of my family, they know that if it's been 2weeks since we've spoken its no love lost. We can pick up right where we left off. I am not good with the phone. Personally I really don't talk much. I don't find any pleasure in talking to anyone for over 20mins(unless it's during a courtship), Maybe that's bad but its true. If it's not one of the people I've listed above then it's rare if we speak. I will text or email before I will call unless I have to. I have my work buddies, school buddies, chi-town buddies etc. Only 1 has crossed over into my personal life. For the most part they are left in that place.

In any event my friends are my friends because of the things we have been through together, a common bond and the things we've shared, and no less! How do you define your friends?

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