Thursday, May 6, 2010

No one writes letters anymore?!?!?

So, the other day I was talking to someone about how technology has robbed us of simple pleasures like writing letters. It's sad because our children have no clue as to what a letter and stamp is! I am determined to dig to find my last letter and plaque it, for it is a secret treasure.

Do you even know how to properly address a letter head? Are you knowledgeable on proper spacing and salutation etiquette?

Which leads me to this, (you know where I'm going don't you?) TECHNOLOGY!!! I was fine with the pager until a couple of decades ago when the cell phone became a demand. I am a simple kind of girl who does not like to be easily accessible. People knew that if I was not home, page me or leave a message. Nowadays, people can find anyone, anywhere, at anytime! Which messes up the old excuse "I'm sorry I didn't get your call". THAT SUCKS!! That excuse worked perfectly for me and I liked missing SOME calls (sad I know). All I ever wanted or needed was TTT (talk, text, take pics). However, now I will be one of the many millions who will be highly accessible. Because of my business I NEED to be reached at any time. So far, I love my team and I have yet to send anyone into voicemail. However I am sure there will be someone who is abusing my unlimited TTT. I marvel at the thought.

In a couple of weeks I will be a Droid girl. I'll tell you how I like it, but don't expect much! Till later,

Simply anti-technology,

Tia, from Tia's Real Talk

(update: When trying to find the proper image for this post, I was blocked by a virus saying I had spy ware on my PC...then I started to hear background noise coming thru my speakers!! Was that the hacker???? OH NO..I had to shut it down.)


(Guess what my son has for homework? He has to write a letter!!! The coincidence!! WOW!!)


25champ said...

Wow I was just having this discussion wit my mom the other day. I think cell phones have def made us to convient and I'm wish we could go back lol. It's has it perks, but the problems they cause are things that I could live without. Our kids will never have pin pals or right letters to the pres etc. Good Read!

SLC said...

I just finished reading a post by Blaq Daisey that touched on this same subject. I also remember Rich dealt with this topic. It must be a blogger thing. I have a HTC Droid Eris and recently figured out the straight to voicemail feature. May just be my new BFF.

Happy Mothers Day Tia


Tia's Real Talk said...

@ Champs & SLC, wow, glad to know I'm not the only one. I was sooo happy to see my son writing his letter for homework!!!! Thanks first mother's Day wish so far!

Don said...

Letter writing is still the bomb diggity. I usually reserve my letters or poems for my daughter and mom. I always feel like it's something the two of them will really treasure.

You will be just fine being accessible. One thing for sure - when Tia tires of someone, they will KNOW.

A Droid girl, eh? Sounds space age.

Continued promise with your team.

@SLC: yep. as did Tia, Blaq Daisy also wrote a good read on the subject.

Tia's Real Talk said...

@ Don, what are you trying to say? When I tire of someone they will know? Sooooooo not true!!! I deal with people a lot longer than I really want too. I see you are the one with the jokes....thats cool...I got you dawg! lol.

Did you get the links that I sent you about stacking?

Moanerplicity said...

I completely agree with this sentiment. Technology has robbed us all of those former simple pleasures. Once, not so long ago, I kept up a regular penpal relationship with a couple of people. It was a quaint, almost romantic way of intimate communication. Now things have gotten to the point where my skill at handwriting has become lax due to absence of putting it to good use.


whyowhy said...

Hello! I just popped over to Minusthebars where I found your comment that referenced:

KUDOS for being aware of the site and the horrible illusion that is music today! Music was such a part of my life growing up so this was initially a very (VERY) hard pill to swallow, but there is so much credible evidence that our music does contain a hidden agenda. (Have you ever heard of John Todd btw?-- dude breaks down the worship factor.) I have been aware for a long time that some of the rock groups dabbled, but it was 'heartbreaking' to discover that even Chaka Khan (for example), one of my all time favorite female vocalists has been involved.

People are going to resist this information because quite frankly, music carries special meanings for us (our first kiss, our first dance, etc.) But it is refreshing to know I'm not alone in thinking I must detox from it. We truly underestimate the subconscious, don't we? I forget the exact expression but "if you tell a lie long enough it will become the truth"-- "art imitates life", FALSE, life (now) imitates art-- that's the real deal. Just wanted to say a KUDOS for being aware.


I left my comment under this article because I too agree with you on your stance with technology. I posted this a while ago:

You are not alone! :) P.S. I loved that you mentioned one of your children had an assignment to write a letter! I too love receiving letters as well as writing them. It's an lost art that should not die. My motto, don't believe the hype-- technology is our biggest downfall.

Peace, lady-- you are officially BOOKMARKED! (SMILES)

Tia's Real Talk said...

Moanerplicity - I had a penpal too!! Well, they never wrote me back so maybe they weren't a penpal. lol We need to start a penpal blog!!

Whyowhy- LOVED IT!! I am following you too before even checking you out. Great minds think alike!! I have not heard of him..but have you heard of G. Craig Lewis? Read this post on and look at the video!! Youtube him!!!