Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Do You Remember??

I remember when we were so close

we talked all the time

You told me of your dreams and desires

You told me how lonely you were

How you wanted a soulmate

My heart dropped

I thought I were your soulmate

But I loved you sooo much

I brought love your way

You thanked me..

I smiled, I was happy

Your family grew and you had

beautiful babies

Oh how I loved them so

You hit a hard patch in your life

You lost your job, your marriage was strained

I hurt for you, I felt your pain

You cried out to me, I was there for you

I got you a better job, I made your mate more loving

This time you didnt thank me

You took all the credit

I'm loosing my dear friend and

I have to get you back....

That gift from your mate,

that was my idea and you only thank him

The mysterious bonus check and miraculous healing

All me.....

Do you remember that?

I cast satan out of your home and life

I healed your family

I got you that raise


Have you forgotten about me

I miss my friend

I'll never give up on you



25champ said...

I loved it. Wow! It is amazing how we remember him when we struggle and forget him when we achieve. This shows how selfish we as ppl can be. Great Post!

Tia's Real Talk said...

Indeed!! No matter how much we think we are acknowledging HIM..we will always fall short. We will NEVER be able to pay HIM back. HE paid a debt HE did not owe and we owe a debt we can NOT pay!!! Real Talk!!

Don said...


Only you, Tia, only you.

Your spirit is one of immense beauty.

Tia's Real Talk said...

Thanks Don..it was heartfelt!

Side note: I have to learn that crying is ok. I have mastered ignoring my feelings so now I truly don't know who the real me is. The only crying I allow is when I'm crying out to God..other than that I dont allow it. Stay in prayer about ALL situations. HE knows what we need. Sometimes the things we don't have is for our own protection. There is a reason that HE allows the hurt and pain. SO THANK HIM FOR IT ALL DON!! The haves and the have nots!!!

Don said...

Thanks to you I never fail to forget how the spirit is where the heart lies and where the heart lies the truth lies. And the truth is forever.

I have mastered ignoring my feelings so now I truly don't know who the real me is>

In a way I am the same. But behind closed doors I have no problems letting the tears fall. Sometimes, a good cry is what is required. Our human ability to cry is meaningful, wouldn't you agree?

Tia's Real Talk said...

Don to be honest... most of my tears dont make me feel better. They are soooo hurtful that I have to make myself stop! I can't cry about it then feel better. I think I can with some things, but one issue, I think the wound is so deep..tears dont heal it. So I get angry at myself, call my self a drama queen, tell myself to get over it, then I'm back in the same boat again of ignoring it.

Tia's Real Talk said...

Thanks for your kind words.