Monday, July 27, 2009

Tru Sista?(repost)

Am I less of a sister because I'm light?

You think because I blend in a little better

everything for me is alright?

I might not look like you

not dark enough to be black

or hood enough as a matter of fact

but "they" know I'm not one of them

So where do I stand?

You might be hated by the white man

but I'm hated by you

My sista

the one who shares my pain

I thought the field and house negro

was all in the past

After just celebrating MLK day

we are still far from free at last

Just remember, I am no less of a sista

just because I am bright

I am fighting the same struggle,

fighting the same fight

the only difference is

my skin happens to be light

But, I am STILL a SISTA!


CareyCarey said...

"I got a girl name boney maroney/ she's as skinny as a stick of macaronni"

"I love her and she loves me/making love underneath the apple tree"

She's a redbone too! Ain't nothing wrong with a little cream in the coffee.

James Tubman said...

tell all those sisters who dont like red bones to go to hell

one of the most dedicated afrikan amerikkkan leaders we ever had was adam clayton powell and he ws so white looking he could have passed

its not the blacker the berry it's how the black the heart is that matters

Tia's Real Talk said...

lol...ok two snaps in a circle. lol..You told them James. lol. Thanks!

Jaycee said...


Don said...
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