Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My story of MS

The doctors told me I had MS on my brothers birthday. March 6, 2006. At the beginning it was terrible! The tests, were awful. Spinal taps where they go into your back to get fluid. Risky and painful healing.

Faith is what keeps me going and gets me through. I feel the best now then I ever did. In 2000 right after I got married and had my son I lost central vision in one of my eyes. I had peripheral vision in that eye but not central. I thought it was stress at that time and the doctors associated it with my migraines that would happen over the same eye. It happened again years later after my second son. That's when I knew something was wrong. Then I started getting blurred vision and my fingers and toes were numb. Couldn't feel anything. Could grasp anything. My scenes of touch was heightened. A hair brush felt like needles! My leg gave out on me at work and I almost hit the floor. It had attacked my muscles. I had to walk with my knee locked and not bend it because my knee was not strong enough to push off on. I went though a major transformation spiritually and I can say I have NEVER had that issue again. I had to stop working because I could not type!! Now I'm back to 48 wpm so GOD is good! I still have blurred vision if I'm stressed and numbness in my feet but that's it. I will tell anyone and everyone about my story because it is not for me. My story/testimony is for someone Else!!!!!

All if this is my past, my present is great and my future is brighter!! God is my healer and master physician!! I am brand new threw HIM


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

We all have a story/testimony and I want to thank you for sharing yours. We often feel alone when we are going through "something" but like you said, it's to save/help someone else. I am thankful that our Lord healed you!

My story was domestic violence. While going through the abuse, I couldn't understand why.... but once again, it wasn't my story!

Great POST! Your strength is incredible and your family is very blessed to have you and so your blog buddies!

Love, peace and blessings
Free Spirit!

CareyCarey said...

As Miss Butterfly said, we all have a story. It's always nice to hear how others overcome their struggles.

I have saying ...."my shoes may not fit your feet but you've walked in them" and thus, "what about a time called now"'s apparent you've found the answer!

James Tubman said...


i hear you sweetheart

you know the herbaist in me cant resist telling you that you can do something about your vision and your multiple sclerosis

there is a formula created by one of the old herbalist i am presently learning from to treat impaired vision that makes the blind SEE again

its great (i tried some of it myself when i had a sty on my eye)

there are also many herbs and teas to take for multiple sclerosis that will HEAL you in a few months (if you do the program)

if you are interested let me know

even if you dont think it will work try it and see what happens

all the info will be free by the way

Tia's Real Talk said...

Carey- I have to share and thank you for doing the same. We must inspire eachother!

James- I have already claimed my healing cause I am healed! But I am definitely open to getting healthy! I will try anything that won't kill me physically or spiritually!!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I have to work in the am and won't be near a computer. Just wanted to stop by and wish you a very Happy 3oth Birthday! Enjoy this beautiful gift of life the Lord has blessed you with!

Love, peace and a day filled with unexpected surprises!
Free Spirit

James Tubman said...

happy belated pussy cat

i hope the husband showed you a nice time

Tia's Real Talk said...

Thanks you guys!! I had a tasting party on my birthday. It was all about business but hubby did buy me a cruise package!

Cheron L. Hall said...

Amazing...the man I love dearly is suffering from one knows and I hope no one finds my comment on your blog...he's been telling people he never recovered from a fall that happened many years ago...My mother is a nurse and so when I saw him again after a few years, walking with a cane, I had doubts...not until the night he fell in front of my house in the snow did I really begin to think...

However, he is amazing and he never lets it slow him down and sister I feel the same spirit on you. Thank you for your testimony. Check out my blog, my testimony is extremely different from yours, however I'm sure we can relate that the things that happen in our life are not monkey wrenches but stepping stones!

Tia's Real Talk said...

Your secret is safe here my sister. Encourage him. Fear and being ashamed will keep you in bondage. I know men have pride but God didn't allow this for him to suffer or to suffer in silence. Men also need to vent, release. It is an emotional rollercoaster with MS. Just like my other posts says, the doctors told me I would be in a wheelchair if I didnt inject myself daily with meds. But I know a man named JESUS who said "it ain't so!" Continue to be the shoulder your man needs to lay on. Be supportive and understanding. MS is a daily battle we fight daily.

Melanie! said...

This post is such an inspiration! I encourage u to stay strong and continue being positive! Your testimony has inspired me! ;)


Tia's Real Talk said...

Melanie!-God is good isnt HE?!?! Thanks soooooo much for stopping by. I always knew that this trial was not to kill or defeat me but to bring me and others closer to HIM through my testimony. For they are not for me but for someone else!

Christoph Jenkins said...

I'm posting this one tomorrow...if you don't mind, of course.

Jessica said...

As I've said before, I do not believe in coincidences. I came across your page because God wanted me to and you have no idea the effect you're having on me right now.

I was diagnosed on my MOTHER's birthday, July 6, 2009 and last Sunday at church, the pastor echoed your words. Your struggle is not for's for others to be inspired and encouraged. You are that inspiration and encouragement for me and I truly thank God for you and your story. I think it's time for me to stop being quiet and try to inspire someone as well.

Tia's Real Talk said...

You are not quite Jess! You are inspiring me as well!
My birthday is July 18! I love your mom...she's a special woman!! lol.
Do you believe it Jess? Then it is so!!