Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Why do women hate on other women so much? If they see you as a threat or simply jealous, they tend to dislike you or "hate" on you. I think it all stems from insecurity. Not able to lift up others because of their own self-esteem issues. We have enough going against us by being a double minority, why fuel it more? Why do we care if a "brutha" is with a white woman? Is he your man? Why do we engulf ourselves so much with what someone else has or what someone else is doing? They say the grass is always greener on the other side, but I know that if you water yours, it too will be just as green. Personally we need to support each other. Remember that same female you are hating on might be the same female you need or just might be your inlaw one day. I know as a woman we all tend to feel a little self conscious at times, I think it's normal and ok. But when you start to let your hate control your being, control your day, or even control your view and outlook on things is just not healthy. I see a lot of woman that I admire, Whether it is their looks, or their life happenings. One thing I don't do is compare myself to others. We must realize that we are where we are suppose to be and it is all for a reason. The effort and the time put into disliking her is all the time and effort needed to work on you. If you see a woman who you admire. Let her know, compliment her. Take notes on how she got to where she is. Listen to her story and where she's been, and let her inspire you. Let her be your motivation for your life and goals.

"Hating" is not very becoming as a lady. If you find yourself "hating", check yourself, readjust and pray about it. Do self inventory on why you are having trouble being happen for others. Do you find yourself "hating" on others at times? Or are you "hated" on? Let me know where you stand.

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