Wednesday, April 30, 2008


If you have kids we will agree that it is the hardest but most rewarding job ever! All the books in the world can not teach you how to raise kids. It's funny that you can practice driving at 15 and drive at 16, go to jail at 18 and drink at 21. But no preparation for the biggest event ever. RAISING CHILDREN!

When do you talk about sex? When do you let your child date or sleep over at a friends' house? Who knows? One thing we do is follow our own upbringing. We teach our children what we were taught and we do things differently than what was done to us. I think it's safe to say we all want whats best for them and we want them to have more than we had.

But what do you do when grades are slipping or you are getting major attitudes? Now attitude is where I can relate. My soon to be 9yr old boy, yes boy, is giving major attitude. I expect him to jump but he jumps when he is ready and at his own pace and height! Needless to say he has a hard headed streak as well. Don't get me wrong. He is well loved and liked by all. Teachers, kids and family always want Tyler. He is a straight A student with a B here or there and well mannered out in public and with others. But he gets home and gets free! No one believes the stories I have on him. Nuff bout me, Lawd he can keep me going!

But I have learned that sticking to your word is important when punishing or they will run over you at anytime. Some people don't like punishments because that leaves the child with them. I know. Trust me, I hate taking away play stations and game boys and dates because he will drive me crazy. Not to mention when I have to take away a play date. Parents we all know that play date was our babysitter to go out and have a good time. A well needed good time. But that's the life of a parent. We must sacrifice for our children, even for a good time. They may hate us now but trust they will love you later. Another major mistake is being your childs friend. You have to seperate having a fun and open relationship and being a friend. That's why we have the Lindsey Lohans' and Brittney Spears' of the world.

While I don't have all the answers, I do know that God is very important in a childs upbringing. Like my husband told his parents. No matter how far he strayed or how lost he was as a young man, he always had his faith to fall back on. I want my kids to say the same thing. That no matter how many mistakes we have made, one thing they know is that I instilled in them God and His principals. So if they ever fall and don't know what to do, they can say, "momma taught me how to pray". And if I look back and realize I haven't taught them anything but God, then it was a lesson well taught.


Anonymous said...

You are right...nothing prepares you for parenthood, not even babysitting. You never know what you're going to do until you become a parent.

I do not have kids yet, but like you, I am going to make sure that they know God. And that they respect me as a parent, an authority figure in their lives.

I am looking forward to the day, though, sometimes I wonder what life will be like once that happens.

CapCity said...

I am not yet blessed with children. Have learned a great deal from teaching all ages from 3 yrs. to 17 yrs. Agree w/ Jewells - gonna be nothing like my own and they will be exposed to my beliefs, while I will encourage to find their own way...

thanx for coming thru my CapCha'd Luv spot;-)

Don said...

good post,

and very interesting that i came across this read seeing as how i wrote a post (will post 2moro) about children in this world.

i too don't think there is any sure fire way to raise a child in this society. i think not being there friend but being their friend. and not keeping them all sheltered allows them to become open-minded, which will broaden their horizon.

God and education leaves them better of than before. but i don't think people really understand just how powerful peer pressure really is.

Don said...

@ jewells: life will be even more stressful. lol.

Tia's Real Talk said...

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