Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I'm watching the news this morning and they were talking about a massive fire in Michigan that housed over 200 elderly. There was a scene of a fireman trying to get into the building from the roof. Battling the flames and smoke, trying desperately to get in when most are running out. My level of respect and admiration has changed for the men in uniform ever since 9/11. Don't get me wrong, I have always loved and respected our firemen for their work. But in recent events, while I still respect our officers of the law, I'm not as fond of them. There has been so much police brutality and so many of them are seeming to be on the other side of the law. While I respect what they do, and know it's not easy to risk your life daily for some people that can careless about your life, I don't trust them. From merely filling their quota on the US highways, to racial profiling and even down to that desperate 911 call that was not taken seriously and resulted in someones death.
Maybe after hearing this story you will see where I am coming from.
In 1989 at the age of 10 (lawd I'm old) at 10pm, my younger sister, older sister, older cousin and I walked the dark streets of the south side of Chicago. We did this regularly to escort my mother home from the clothing store she managed. There is strength in numbers so we were always at least 4 deep. My older sister and cousin were very watchful and observant and noticed a black van with black tinted windows driving slowly behind us. When we sped up, so did they. We crossed the street, they made a U-turn. Then out of no where the van cuts us off and the doors slide open. You could see nothing but darkness in the van. My sister grabbed my and my cousin grabbed my other sister and we began to run. The van stayed in view. We saw a patrol car in the intersection. As we ran to him in the middle of the street in a panic to tell him whats going on, his words were, "you all are running like you stole something." The light turns green he asks us if we are ok? And he drives off. No he didn't go to look for the van, no he didn't radio anyone. No he did not have any concern for 4 young ladies ranging from 9-25. Did he protect and serve us? Do I have a right to be angry and non trusting? Considering the fact that we still had to walk back home once we reached my mothers work.

Are there any police officers out there that would like to comment? Do you have a similar situation and want to share?? Let me know.....


hawa said...

I have a terrible distrust police and judges. I haven't found myself in the system (besides a divorce, child support, and traffic tickets). But if I ever found myself in a "situation," I wouldn't expect justice.

Tia's Real Talk said...

Hawa--I hear you sista. I don't like them but I always have the hope that if I'm in trouble they will come to my rescure. I am trying to be positive. Fun how the 2-3 times I was pulled over they were really nice. But I still have experiences where I don't like them. The killing of the elderly woman here in ATL that made national news. Or the young man that was shot at 50 times and killed on his wedding day in NY. The fact that the cops got off kills me. Not to mention Brian Nichols of the atlanta court house shooting that has yet to be sentenced and tried. The statue of limitations is approaching on this case! So what does that mean..he can go free!!! It sucks...the gov is not fair..but let us get caught on tax fraud and we are in stripes in a minute!!