Wednesday, April 30, 2008


You are who you are for a reason. Your upbringing and environment help to shape who you are. The morals you were taught and your faith are tell-tell signs of you and your personality. But at some point in your life you will make your own decisions and lean on your on morality, and at this point your upbringing or environment no longer is at fault. Every life experience molds you. That bitter break up might have you hostile towards men. The absence of your father might have you looking for love in all the wrong places. The praise from loved ones might make you work a little bit harder. Or the fact of being raised with sister and brothers might allow you to be a better communicator and help you become more sociable in social settings. You might even be outgoing. Opposed to someone raised alone who might be a loner, introvert and quiet in social settings. Nevertheless, all situations, environments and people, whether positive or negative, has made you stronger. So welcome the adversities, the nay Sayers and the haters because they helped shape you and better prepare you for the many let downs. Past and present!

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