Monday, September 13, 2010


We all have our different take on marriage. Should it be traditional? Should it be old fashion? Or should it be WHATEVER the 2 parties want?

One thing I do know is many marriages go thru the same thing at the same time. It will be 11yrs for me in Dec. and the things I went thru during years 1-3 is similar to what a lot of my newly married friends have and are going thru. I was married first so I didn't have anyone to tell me what to expect or what fights/arguments were normal. I can now see what kind of fights and problems are normal and healthy. I came across this blog while surfing the blogs. Read it, it's deep. True or not, it sounds like this young lady has had her share of heart ache but appears to be really strong!!!!


James Tubman said...

i know this is something you dont want to hear but i like an open marriage

its too much pressure for me to be the only woman who makes this woman happy

if i really really really felt love for her i wouldnt want her to have anybody but me but that love is very very difficult to find, cultivate and harness

i proposed to a woman i was with because i knew she wouldnt mind having an open marriage

i think its the best of both words

Tia's Real Talk said...

WOW James..where the heck have you been again?? lol. Tried calling you...emailing you...but NOTHING!!
You know I dont mind you being honest, and if an open marriage is what you want then thats what you want. But to be open marriage is not as easy as you think. You have to remember that we are WOMEN! Women can get jealous, possessive and catty. I know she will agree to it. But what happens if she feels you like the other woman better...or you did more for the other woman than you did for her. There will come a point where one of the ladies will have an issue with you or the others. Open marriage is fun but what happens when the wife or you want a change? What happens when she wants kids and settles down? Who wants to live that way forever? Why get married? Just date...don't be monogamous in the relationship. But when you put marriage in changes. Just date whomever you want.
Read the blog that I referred to and tell me your thoughts.

Tia's Real Talk said...

My emails keep coming back. Send it to me...I will not publish/post it in the comments. I sent
you a text telling you..

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Let me know if you get this and if you can attend so I can have them look out for you!