Saturday, September 25, 2010


Do you have a business, website or event you would like to promote? Check out my signture. Everytime I send an email or forward, I am drawing much attention to my signature!! They might have a template you can use, if so, it's only $9.99 a month. If not you will have to create your own. It's a one time fee of $49 (no animation) if the template of your choice is not available plus 9.99 a month. One time fee of $100 (for animation) and $9.99 a month. This is a GREAT tool for marketing and promoting your business or events. You get two templates and you can put it on multiple emails! Check it out. Forward this to anyone wanting to promote with their signature!! Send this to anyone who has an event or business they would like to advertise. Be SURE to use the link at the bottom of this signature to get started!! FORWARD THIS GREAT TOOL!!!

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