Friday, November 13, 2009


I've gotten some hate mail from a certain reader telling me if I don't post, I can no longer stop by his page. How rude!! But I know the truth!
I've started to realize maybe I'm not the writter I thought I was. I have 5 drafts from things I would start and were unable to finish. I need motivation!!! Inspiration!!!
I think when I was hurting I had a lot to say, but now that I'm happy, nothing! lol. I'm starting to realize that I am an emtional writer. I can get down when it's dear to me, but if I can careless, it starts to show in my writings, or lack there of.
This was just a lil something to let my blog fam know that I have not left, I'm just in a blank moment right now.
Ok, I challenge myself to write even if I have nothing to say. Let's see what happens. You asked for it!!!!! lol


Don said...
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Tia's Real Talk said...

@ Don- My posts are linked to my facebook page, so when my friends read this post, they were like, "hate mail!!" They were ready to whoop ur #$@...I told them it was a joke. lol..A few even went to your page. Hey you never know, they wanted to get you but now they could just be new fans/followers of yours!!! lol

Tia's Real Talk said...

@ Don- Oh yeah, I dont see much of a difference. Your subject mater isn't as deep (some have been, short, simple and to the point) but I still see the passion in your writing. I guess it just depends on how you are feeling. I personally dont like to be sad everytime I read a post. I prefer to say, "awww", "WOW!" or "interesting...makes me wonder~"