Friday, May 1, 2009

Are You Heaven Bound?

Over the last few years I have lost family and acquaintances, and it has made me think, "If I left today, where would I go?" One scripture that gets me through everything is when God says He would never put more on us than we can bare. To me that means, if I couldn't handle it, He wouldn't have allowed it. So I know that I am strong and it is through Christ who strengthens me.
God is loving and merciful. Every morning that I rise is due to him. Every accident, almost kidnapping, close rapes and molestation attempts were all avoided because of Him. I believe He spared my life so that I had the chance to get it right! Also, so that I would recognize who He is and give Him all the glory. Ten years ago, if my time had ran out, where would I have gone? I would not have been heaven bound. But He continues to spare my life so that I have a chance to do things the way He wants me too. He allowed me to grow so that I can remember to make His will my own. As you live you learn, you grow.
So please remember to thank Him for every thing you do. Even when things aren't going they way you want them to, know that that is His way of protecting you and sparing you. Didn't get the car, man, house, woman, job or money you set out for? Don't worry about it. It was not for you. He closed that door and opened a window. Just turn around and look.
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. So take notice of your life and your blessings. Make everyday count. If you left here today would you be Heaven bound?


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Ten years ago is no longer a memorey in God's eye. What is forgiven, is forgiven. I'll see you in Heaven, I've got my first class ticket and I pray that my "entire" family will join me. But the Lord waited for me to come to the light and I pray that my family will come sooner than later. I saw a really great movie titled "Left Behind" and it was so very thought provoking... if you haven't seen it, rent it when you have the time. You will truly see that Heaven is where we want to be when the time comes, and the time will come.

Love ya.
Happy Weekend

CareyCarey said...

TIA! Ouuuuweee a, where you been?

Hi Tia, let me get this out of the way first and I hope you don't mind. Although many have said the scriptures said that did not. look it up and come back and holla *smile*.

Moving on ...Yes, we've all been somewhere AND some will stay there. But it looks like you've found your stride. Keep it up woman, others are looking.

Be good now ...and give the babies a hug for ol'CareyCarey. Tell them to NOT hug any ol'stranger but .....


Tia's Real Talk said...

@ Free spirit- Thanks for your words and I do believe He has forgiven my past. Not because He has to, but because I have asked for forgiveness and because He is forgiving, I know He has. I have to forgive myself now. I too want my entire family there. I was always afraid of death as a kid so I prayed to go up in the rapture. lol. I think I might have seen that movie. Is it about the rapture?

@ Carey- Whats up man!! I've had writers Nothing to say and when I did, it stayed jumbled up in my I read the scripture, even in my amplified version and I still get the same message. I even wrote it below. What is your meaning of the below King James scripture.

I Corinthians 10;13
"There hath no temptation taken you but such as a common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it."

CareyCarey said...

Hey Tia (love that name),

Now we are working with something. Yes, that is the scripture that is being referenced.

The problem with the way most individual interpret this is the word "temptation". Temptation is a choice NOT a burden. In fact, most temptations that may lead to "burdens" are of the feel good variety ...lust, money, greed, sex etc,. Although they all are sinful, for a moment, they leave us with a sense of pleasurable wellbeing and thus are not considered a burden.

This scripture is often used by many as an escape hatch. It used to rationlize wrong ..."God wouldn't give me this burden of "this man" "this gambling problem" "this alcohol problem" ...if it wasn't meant for me.

God does not wish ill upon anyone. In most cases, we are lead to our wrongs through our temptations and THEN the scripture should be applied because NOW the door is open to him, in spite of our evil ways. Consequently, God did not place the burden, yet he can remove it, hence the mix up in that scripture.Remember it speaks of temptations!

Your assignment *lol*, look up temptations in the bible or the dictionary and I beleive you'll get a better understanding of the text.

CareyCarey said...

Therefore Tia, the words are not interchangable (burden & temptation). Many make the mistake of swaping the words, which has lead the the misunderstanding/misuse of that scripture. Feeling me?

I definitely understand ...been there. At times the common understanding of that scripture might apply but frequently it is misquoted and misunderstood.

But all in all, it is good that we are discussing it because it shows that we are learning and maybe others will as well, if they are truly open to the truth.

Tia's Real Talk said...

In my amplified bible it speaks of temptation as a trial. It says:

"No temptation or trial has come to you that is beyond human resistance and that is not adjusted and adapted and belonging to human experience, and such as a man can bare. He can be trusted to not let you be tempted and tried and assayed beyond your ability and strength of resistance and power to endure. But with temptation He will always provide a way out, an escape."

We are here to serve and worship Him. How can we get thru and past certain trials if everything defeats us. It is a journey to get closer to Him. He is loving and His purpose wouldnt be served if everything we went thru we failed at. That scripture is saying that He has given us power and strength to overcome things. This goes in hand with the scipture.."I will never leave nor forsake you."
for instance, would a high school give you a range of 1600 on your SAT's if you could only top out at 1200? The same with God. He wont give you the tools (bible, His word, and holy spirit) to get closer to Him if everything killed and destroyed us or we would never make it to Him. Satan steals kills and destroys..god does not.

He allows, trials, tribulations, temptations, fear death etc..But His will is not to defeat and conqueor us. If it did, He would not be the loving God he says He is. That also means He had forsaken us. He cannot lie.

Mo said...

I remember in church one day, the preacher said you have no idea the things God has protected you from, the harm or pain he's kept away. I look at my life and now I know things that happened happened for a reason and have set me on the path he's paved for me. I think the hardest part about getting through trials and tribulations is believing that you can do so.

Nicely said sista.

Tia's Real Talk said...

Mo- Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing. I totally agree with your pastor. I tell my girl friends all the time, "there is a reason you are not married yet, no kids, etc, it's simply not your time. God could be saving and protecting you from something. He didn't say no, He's probably just saying not right now." As I look over my life, I know why I am married. I was not quick to get into a relationship but I was trusting. I gave you a chance if you were nice. Knowing now that you need to be more than nice. I didn't have enough boundaries so I feel God allowed me to be off the market for my protection. Sounds crazy? I believe it.

James Tubman said...

ive already been to heaven many times tia

because heaven is the black womans vagina lol

think about it

Don said...

Tia, we must talk upon this subject sometimes. I think we'd both be surprised by our discussion. If I died today I am not sure where I'd go, besides into the ground, awaiting a day of resurrection.

Afterwards, it's beyond me to know of my intentions. I cannot fathom the feeling of the experience itself.

Also, only 144,000 will enter into the gates of Heaven. Those are the ones who will immediately enter into The Kingdom upon their earthly death. Will enter, have entered ... feel me. All others, well, the most we can hope for is the promise of Paradise Earth. Which, isn't a bad deal either.

I know you probably do not see it this way.

Tia's Real Talk said...

Don- Thats the only belief system you have that is a Jehovah's Witness. Everything else is of the christian belief. Most witness do not believe in some of the things we've spoken about. Are you disfellowshiped?

Tia's Real Talk said...

Oh @ Don, I was confussed about that 144,000 for years. I finally see why the witness believe it and why chritians do not. Long as you believe in the higher power, belive that christ died for you and live a holy righteous life, who cares about the rest.

Don said...

Tia, point well taken. We must share discussions, here and there, to feed our souls. Thanks for replying!