Thursday, April 9, 2009

Psychology majors, diagnose me.

Ok yall, I have analyzed and diagnosed myself for years. Some things I have realized and others are still a blur. I am not only a blogger but I have rekindled some relationships off of facebook! Be care, you can find any and everyone. Even when you don't want to be found!

Anyhoo, for the most part I talk and chat with everyone from my past and present, except ex's. I have opened up the door for some relationships with some females. Now you know I don't do the chick thing well, but lately I've gotten close to two girls that I have known well over 10 yrs and its been cool. ( You ladies know who you are)

For the first time I don't feel overwhelmed when we communicate. I am a loner. I don't talk or kick it with chicks unless you are my mother, sister, or cousin ( only 2 cousins and one is my BFF). Relationships with females have been draining. I had to explain why I didn't call, where I had been, etc. It was like a heterosexual relationship. I even had to break up with a chick and she acted like we were a couple. I felt like a Why do I fear female relationships? I haven't been hurt by any females.

I know I'm a nice person and easy to get along with. I have certificates and report cards to prove it!!!

Is it because some of them are too clingy and emotional? I fear going past typing/texting. I fear opening up that door.

But guess what. Me and two girls texted each other for a while about "Making the Band"..and I even talked to one for an hour! I don't do that if you are not one of the above mentioned. It was sooooooooooooooo cool. I realized not all chicks are blood sucking vultures. lol. I sooo enjoyed our convo, she is one person I wont send to voice mail if she calls. And the other is welcomed to call me anytime as well! (you know who you are)

What it all boils down to is that I found someone like me. They both have the same morals, goals and interest as I, and it has been a pleasure exploring new relationships. But I dont plan on making it a habit with others. lol ...

That's bad huh??


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I so feel you on this post. Before I opened myself up to blogging and facebooking, I was so very comfortable being friends w/my 4 sisters and 2 friends at work. I don't text or talk on the phone. And if u don't lv a msg, I really don't see tne need to call u back. (smile)

But you hit the nail on the head. It can become draining and needy. I have a friend at work who has to be the center of attn and I don't have that kind of time... she is very demanding and I do feel like we go together (lol) But what I've discovered is that when I'm surrounded by "like minded people" I put very little effort into trying to stay connected, it just flows naturally.

Love, peace and blessings for a great day!

James Tubman said...

in this day and age your time is very valuable

you have to spend it wisely with people who will reciprocate your attitudes toward them

James Tubman said...

plus you are a cancer so you have a tendency to stay in your shell a lot