Friday, May 22, 2009

Bloggin' Momma

I started blogging as a way to clear my head and free my mind. I have always loved to write and have been told that my testimonies were a blessing and an inspiration to others. But the more I wrote for others, the more it became for me.
Every time my thoughts went down on to the keys a weight was lifted. I started realizing it was therapeutic. It got to the point where I would have to get up from bed at 4am to write what was on my mind if I had any intentions on sleeping that night. It is now a necessity. I don't follow a theme or a format. One day it could be about love and the next Hughes net internet.
At one point I even decided to let the world know that I have MS. In the back of my mind I always knew I would share it. I also knew that the whole inspiration for blogging was due to that fearful diagnosis. I knew the only way I could cope with it was to help other people with the same illness. I knew that if one person felt inspired to keep going, I would NEVER stop blogging about it.
God gave me a peace. He spoke to my heart and gave me the words to say. There are a few times that I've blogged and couldn't ever fathom coming up with some of those blogs alone. I look back and I remember the pain of some of the poems. I remember reliving my feelings of insecurities and abandonment. I know that I have evolved because at one point I could not relive some of my writings. It was too raw, too emotional, and too hurtful. Now, I look back and see how I have overcome. I see the difference in every post. I remember being comforted by other blogger moms and feeling I was not alone. Some were only in my life for that one post, to offer their prayers and heart felt thoughts. Others are still around to this day. Regardless of the time frame, they made an impact and for that they will never be forgotten.
So, I guess all in all we all have our reasons for blogging. Some are personal diaries, some are for arts and crafts, or even to chart the growth and development of their children and grandchildren, but for me, it kept me sane. It helped me to relieve my heat and soul of pain and heart ache, while sharing my happiness and good times. Blogging is the journey of my mind.


CareyCarey said...

I am at your beckon call *lol*. Lets see, there has to be a song that I can reference. Oh yeah, Aretha - "Call me when you get here"

Hello Tia ooouuuweeeahh, it's me CareyCarey. How you doin'?

I was going to comment on the above post "big guy big money" but my audio is not working so I have no idea what they were saying. But by the looks of thangs, ol'boy is rolling. Well, he ain't missing no meals and everyone around him don't seem to be suffering from missed meal cramps *smile*.

But this post hit home. As you know I've only been blogging for a few months but there was a period in my life when I had to write to stay alive. I used a journal to express my pain and fears. I was at the lowest place in my life. I actually started my journal over 15 years ago. I have that same journal although there are gaps of many years. My struggle reached an all time high after my wife passed away and I sort of slide off the earth. We've talk about my journey and like you, I say "What About A Time Called Now". Today I am cool with life and and now when I look at my journal and write in it, I realize the journey was a necessary process.

Keep doing what you do and don't stay away from my house so long.

Btw, I thought we DID come to a conclusion on the "homework". Well, if we didn't I can now say that you passed *smile*.

Oh, if you are anythang like ol'big bank, a brotha can use a loan. I promise to pay you back when my train comes in.

Tia's Real Talk said...

Wow Carey! 15 yrs! That is awesome. I want to one day have that kind of history. That is a huge blessing to others if you share it, and big bucks for you if you make it a book of your life! I am emotional and it hurts deeply to relive certain periods of my life. A few months ago I was finally able to reread my old posts without feeling sorrow.

I'm glad I passed my homework test..wheww! (wipes sweat from brow)

Big guy in the video was a fedEx driver 10yrs ago and look where he is now. He is my mentor/team member and he is teaching me everything he knows! I will be where he is someday. Hopefully in under 10 yrs. Try to find a way to hear it. When you do let me know if you interested and me and my partner will set up a conference call so you can hear about the opportunity for you!

CareyCarey2 said...

So it still hurts to go back? Well, there appears to be more work to do.

You know what, I didn't realize that a 15 yr journal was something special. You've done it again, you've inspired a post. I think I'll post an un-edited version of some of my struggle. If you thought the ...pssst (other stuff) was a read, let me tell you; I might find myself NOT posting it.

On another tip, my new journey doesn't focus in on money and thangs. I may listen to ol'boy but the video was a little material for me. Been there and done that. But it looks like a great oppurtuniy for those that may be looking for a way out of their financial problems.

Tia's Real Talk said...

Make sure at the end of that day, your reasoning for posting or not posting is all because of you! And I will leave you with that. Have you ever heard of Noni juice? If you have, he is the reason why. He stopped fedEx driving to sit in on a meeting and introduced this product to the minorities. It took him 10yrs to get to that multmillionaire status. He chooses to be flashy with his money, but dont let his flashiness be the reason you aren't interested. You can put your kids or grandkids thru college. The posiblities are endless. Besides you wouldnt be speaking with him. He is not my partner.

James Tubman said...

blogging saved my life


ha ha i beat you lol

Blinders Off said...

Hi Tia,

I never get enough of your playlist. I heard of Noni Juice and I hear it is pretty good. I have been thinking about trying it out. I am pretty slow at trying something new. I have an interesting post up about Vitamin "D".

Now back to your post. I enjoy blogging because in my own way I am leaving my struggle with ms and hopefully it will be helpful to others.

Finally it is also my way of leaving my opinions, happiness, sadness, and joy in my own words when my name is called.

Tia's Real Talk said...

Blinders off!!!!!! I've missed you! You were one of the ones I was talking about in this post! If you've heard of noni juice then my team is the reason why. Robert Dean is the one who introduced it to minorities. It was in the white and japanese culture for years before "WE" even knew about it. Now he's bringing something new to the market that once again, WE haven't heard of. But it's getting known. Rachel Ray lost her weight from it. It's been on Oprah, The Doctors, CNN, FOX etc. Noni is great but it's a totally different juice, helping with some different parts of the body. Can't compare them. My sister said she heard Monavie was good for MS. I researching that now. My cousin that has lupus says its helping her a lot. But on top of the health benefits from the juice, it is a huge money maker. My partner is 34 and retired in her late 20's. And like she and I say, "we don't sling no' juice from our trunks!" Retail is the lowest form of making money. It's one of our 8 different money making ways, but not top. I'm having a tasting party today. What city are you in so I can invite you out to a tasting?

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I'm glad that you've shared your journey with us. Revealing your MS really helped a great friend of mine. Thank you for that as well!

Just know that this journey of yours is far from over; the best has yet to reveal itself! Hold on tight, the Lord has unlimited things in store for you!

Love, peace and continued blessings
Free spirit.

Don said...
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