Thursday, May 14, 2009

Y do we club?(E2 night club tragedy below)

I am soooo done with clubbin. Not only because I'm a married woman that has no place there, but because it started to become tiring. Why do we club? To meet someone or jump off, to get drunk, show off our gear, or dance and have a good time? Well I was an innocent I went to dance and give/get numbers. But I made a conscious decision to stop clubbing. I started to notice that clubbing was a waste of time, figuratively and literally so I started to hit bars. No not to drink but to play darts and pool. Absolutely loved it!! Well there is a reason it was literally a waste of time. Do you know the origin of clubs? Everything has a beginning. Clubs were a form of worship to gods. Witchcraft. The loud drum/bass beat and flashing lights were a ritual of praise and it was meant to steal time. Ever notice after leaving the club it seems like you were only there for a couple of hours but it turned out to be more like 4! My last clubbin experience was 2003 at the popular E2 night club in Chicago. I was there for less than 20mins when my cuz and I noticed it was just toooo packed! Now realizing I was really done now! All the time, money and preparation put into going and only stayed for 20 mins? The money on the outfit that now smelled like smoke, the money for my hair that is now sweated out. Not to mention being ripped off to get in and get something to drink but also disrespected for what I considered the last time by a "club dude". Glad I made the choice when I did because a few weeks later this featured clip is what happened at the very same night club that I frequented monthly! It made national new! In 2003 21 club goers were killed when they were crushed and trapped while trying to flee from the cloud of dust that was left by the pepper spray sprayed into the air. Look at the people who are crushed and trapped in the doorway. Again tell me why you club?

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James Tubman said...

i have never been to a club in my life

i would guess they do it because they are seeking attention they arent getting from somewhere else