Monday, August 4, 2008


Why on earth can't I go to sleep like normal people? Every night I'm up till 5-6am, even when I can't blame my 6month old. The nights that I'm not acting like a kid by staying up watching tv and surfing the net I lay in bed and slumber does not take me over. Hubby works from 7pm-7am, like a nut I'm up when he gets home. He thinks I got up early to make him breakfast, such a good wife. He just recently found out that all that time I'm awake! 2-3 hours a night I'll get. Go to bed about 6-8am and that's about it. He says I'm stressed..I don't think so. He asks what am I doing up so late, definitely not having any "CONFESSIONS OF A LATE NIGHT PHONE CONVERSATION" like my fellow best blogger, nice read by the way. So whats the deal. Nite Q don't work!! Showers wake me up and my 6month old wont let me relax in the tub long enough. Then when I do fall into slumber I am easily awaken! My ex told me that I'm paranoid. No way, not me. Then I'm soooooo into the court shows I'll get up at 9 fixing breakfast and watching tv..knowing darn well I need to be sleep. I need a job..I plan on going back to school..that'll fix me!! Someone help me sleep..any suggestions??

After diagnosing myself I have come up with the thought, I dont wanna sleep. My day is consumed of other people so once they are asleep I need my me time..and I don't care if I grt it at 2am-7..but thats still kinda drastic..doncha think?


Don said...

We appear to be one in the same. I haven't been able to get a steady dose of sleep in a minute. I am pretty much used to it now. I hate the bags that come under my eyes, but I don't see what i can do about it. Sex doesn't help. Sleeping pills helped but I hate how they make me feel, so I chilled. Reading doesn't help. The internet doesn;t help. Eating late and a shower doesn't help. Writing doesn't help. TV doesn't help.

I've tried everything except serious exercise.

Hmm @ Confessions of a late night phone conversations. Oh, you saw that? LOL.

Tia's Real Talk said...

See thats the thing, Idont get bags. I actually look refreshed. I dont feel sleepy until my sleep is broken then I feel terrible but I could and have stayed up for 24hrs and still have to make myself go to sleep. I don't feel exhaulsted.

Tia's Real Talk said...

oh yes I read crazy dude.

Don said...

Too funny @ crazy dude.

No, You definitely do not have any bags in sight. You still had to make yourself fall asleep after being up for 24 hours??? I would pass out.

Tia's Real Talk said...

No I dont pass how weird. When its interupted I could but not from not sleeping at all.