Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bag Lady

There comes a time when we must let go of the bags. Someone has hurt us, betrayed us and mistreated us but how long will it fester? At what point do you take back control of your life and say "enough"? Bags are strongholds and/or things from your past that you have yet to let go of. Get the closure you need to release your baggage.

Grown children living at home, lovers disrespecting your relationship, or back stabbing friends, are all things that can and will cause an overload of bag issues. It leaves you bitter and unable to embrace the things that life brings. It weighs you down and you start to lack the luster you once possessed. Take inventory of your life and surroundings. Holding on to hurt and pain manifests in our bodies causing stress and other illnesses. Rid yourself of all things that are holding you back.

Stop faulting you sister for childhood things, let it go that your friend didn't return your shoes, let go of the fact that your boyfriend looked at another woman, they have. And while you are angry and holding on to bull, they have gone on with their life and not even consumed with your issues.

Ladies, how many times have you gotten into relationships that were founded on a crutch? For fear of being alone or the last one married; we keep our hair tight, close tighter, plaster on a fake smile and begin yet another relationship even though you are still hurting from what so and so did to you in 1996. But we wonder why our relationships don't work.

What if you don't realize you have baggage. Here are a few examples:

Can't get a phone in your name because your ex jacked up your credit? Baggage!

Can't park your car because you are housing your cousins bedroom set? Baggage! Literally.

Can't/won't open up to love and happiness because of a hurtful past relationship? Baggage!

All of these things are holding you back from something in your life.

How do you release them once they have been revealed?

One step at a time. This requires more than a mental action, it's physical too. Sometimes conversations need to be had, phone calls made, boxes packed up, items returned or just simply let it go and forgive. Not in secret, let them know you forgive them!

Baggage is effecting your life physically so the action that must be taken is physical.

Ignoring it will only pile on the luggage and delay any growth and happiness.


Puzzleman119 said...

Well look at you! I think we all get here, when staying seems more easier than leaving and growing, learning from a situation and keeping your steps forward. I got caught up on this one... Thanks for the reality check!

Chi-town all day!

Tia's Real Talk said...

Til the day I die baby! Leaving out this weekend headed there.
We do get content. And we excuse it for that being life, when in actuality, life is being stiffled.

Don said...

This is one of those need to be heard post. Your words ring loud and clear. Unfortunately, so does baggage. LOL. As I stand here as a human being who not only has baggage, I have the an entire luggage collection.

I pray, put it on God's hands, talk to people who really care, and let time heal that would. Right?

thanks for the blog shout, tia.

Tia's Real Talk said...

For sure..anytime,
All thats good to do but you still have to take a physical step. Do more than pray about it, take action. Pack stuff up, clean house, restore your credit, send a letter telling them you are done and whatever it takes to jump back into action!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

they were not lover if u ask me, either enablers or users, i just vanquished one of them loved her, but she aint love herself and the bipolar aint help

Don said...

Tia, your advice has been noted. Thanks.

Jewelry Rockstar said...

Yes, smart advice. Release the baggage!

Blinders Off said...

Hi Tia,

Thanks for stopping by my blog and Don thank you for sending her there.

I am impressed you have the insight about baggage. When you have, time read my post The Garbage Truck. Because you live with MS I am linking you on my blog, there is a wonderful world of MS bloggers who blog about everything and anything. As you can see I do not blog only about MS issues, but I am honest when MS flares its head.

I was around your age when I first became ill and my daughters were young. Unfortunately, it took them years to discover I have MS; you are fortunate to have been told your problem is MS and not go through what I did. Although MS get take us down at times, from reading your blog and listening to your playlist, you have the right attitude living with MS.

Tia's Real Talk said...

Thank you so much for stopping by. It is such a blessing. I too appreciate Don also! I have had hard days, vision bad, numbness in extremedies but I am doing well now. I tried the meds twice and couldnt do it longer than 3 months. It was a spiritual battle then I tried it again and broke out badly, so my faith is all I'm using at this point. I hope to continue to hear your story and share a few of mine. You know the doctors did a study and found out MS patients with faith did 70% better than those without faith, something my praying grandmother taught us looooong ago!!

Blinders Off said...


I admitted in a post on my blog when my faith was been tested and I gave in once to the dark side. Because of God's love for me, I am still here. He saved me once by my own hands and he saved me twice from two different medications I taken for MS.

I obviously have not completed my purpose and knowing without a doubt He LOVES me, I will never let living with MS cause me to do what I once tried to do.

Faith and prayer have helped me come off some of the most dangerous drugs given to MS'ers. It feels good to have connected with someone living with MS that believes in a higher power and not afraid to talk about.

Don said...

You two are very welcome, Tia and Blinders Off. This is just another great thing about blogging - networking opps.