Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Lets be honest. Some woman walk into a marriage thinking they can change that man, and men walk into it thinking/hoping that woman will never change. They are both equally wrong. Why would you want to change someone. Them being who they are is what drew you to them, its what attracted you. And why would you want to be with someone hoping that they never change? With change comes growth. We all do it and if one mate changes and the other doesn't, then we are what the bible considers unevenly yoked. I hear from a lot of woman how they prayed to God that their man becomes this, or does that. Don't you know that you must be careful of what you pray for? Is it possible that you are the one that needs to meet him halfway or maybe you need to change? Just because you want someone to be something does not mean you should go casting requests to God when you don't know His plan. Pray that the change comes in His time and according to His will.
Even with personal change, be careful of what you pray for. Ask God for Him to reveal to you the person He has you destined to be. Ask how to be a better you? Ask for guidance and direction.
We all must change and we should embrace it..but let it take its coarse unless God says otherwise.


Don said...


you speak the truth and you always speak it @ a time where the truth is needed.

Them being who they are is what drew you to them, its what attracted you. i always say this. of course there are going to be the little things which need adjusment, but the overall framework if a person is what attracted one to the other so why should anyone want to delete that, especially when it's the same essence which made the relationship possible???

my question: as far as love goes, how does one change???

Tia's Real Talk said...

My takes more than love to make a relationship work. The blah blah honesty, trust worthy, fidelity..yada yada. Dont hold back. Love as if you arent afraid to be hurt. Offer all of you. Break down the walls and let them in, once they have proven to be deserving. Treat the relationship, if its serious, as if it's your last. Love love. Leave who you were before in the past...dont bring it up, dont compare it to another. She is new, and with her you will be new too. My opinion.

Christoph Jenkins said...

This is so true! Good post!

Don said...

I adore your opinion. I only asked the question because I like to get you to engage in conversation. LOL. I like to challange that sweet soul of yours.