Friday, April 3, 2009

Fellas, what's your FICO? It can help you get a Woman!!

Ok guys. What is your fico? Do you realize it tells a lot about who you are and your character. I think if your fico is important enough to determine if you can get a job, home and a car, it definitely should be helpful in relationships. Now I'm not saying that if you have a 500, you're not a nice guy. It's just that, that 500 will show that you are not too responsible.

You know us ladies know how far we will go with you the minute we speak. On that dinner date we know if you are a "friend", "friend with benefits" or something "long term". In saying that, if your credit is jacked, none of these relationships will work.

For instance:

Just Friends- If your score is jacked this relationship could fizzle. Not only will you not be good on keeping your word but she will have to pay if your cards are declined!

Friends w/benefits- This one is a no-no too. It's over if you can't provide the hotel or other spot need.

Long term- It's definitely over. If she see's your credit is jacked she can't foresee the ring, house, car, wedding and everything else she expects you to help with. She also won't feel you are a man of your word. I mean you promised to pay that bill when you took out that loan. If you'd lie to the bank, you might lie to her.

I know what some of you are thinking. I don't need credit. I got money! Eeeennnggg (buzzer sound) Wrong! No woman thinks it's sexy paying cash for everything! That is soooooo high school. Paying cash for everything might mean you don't have a bank account. Us ladies do not find that cute!! I understand we all fall on hard times. We have had bad months and years. But a score of 550 or lower says your past and present is jacked!

You are ALMOST as good as your credit score.


CareyCarey said...

Well Tia baby, first, if a women even asks to see my fico, SHE might then and there be out of the game. I am not saying it's not important but it will tell me what's on HER mind ... what she's on. I know it's about stablity and all that but there are all kinds of reasons a score could fall below 500. Divorce hits some men hard (women too) job mess is another debt. I'll take the women with the skinny legs ...score below 500 too! We can cleanup "some" mess but beauty is deep.

See, you be hanging some posts we need to talk about *lol* know where I live.

Tia's Real Talk said...

Are you on facebook? I wish you were. I've posted this on there and i would love for you to be apart of the convo. One guy said the same as you and I agree with it all. But i will tell you as I told him

"If she asked that on a first date then she is definitely a no I know that the score does say something about you. No it's not all true. But it does say if you can pay a bill on time. lol. It doesnt speak on your love, passion, security, and all of the other things that is important in a relationship. You know you are no where near the kind of guy I was speaking about. Trust me..this will hit home with the kind of guy I'm speaking of and he will yell from the moutain tops..and will be exposed. And he is NOT let him fight that battle while we are all snickering and sayin.."yep, that's him"
I was a little like "dang..what I do to him?" but it's cool Charles. We down like 4 flats!"

Carey I know things happen and everything you said is the exception to what I'm saying. No a female should never ask it..truth be told most guys will probably lie about it anyway or get defensive. But once you get to know them and find out its low..find out why, and then don't share a bill or put anything in your this is for men too!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

It use to be a big deal for me. But in the end, I'd rather judge him by his Character. I just wouldn't loan him any money (lol)

Love, peace and blessings!

CareyCarey said...

You know we coo ...I just couldn't resist drpping by to let others know every closed eye ain't sleep. I'll tell you what though ...if the script is flipped, there are a few thangs that make me say thanks buy no-thanks.

1. dirty shoes and dirty nails.

2. dirty house and dirty mouth

3. MESS! ...their mess, dey momma's mess, other peoples mess that they like walking in. If that includes money mess I might take a long hard look. I can be broke and stupid by myself. I ain't saying a person has to have money, that should never be the issue, but I don't want them counting my money either.

Tia's Real Talk said...

You want a clean kept woman with no drama..that's understandable..that's what everyman wants, I feel.

CareyCarey said...


James Tubman said...

give me a break tia

almost every single adult in this society owes some financial institution money

we see companies taking investors all the time on wall street

what do you think their credit scores are

women use all of these standards to measure men by because they are incredibly insecure

whats sad is that even when they get somebody that meets many of them they still arent happy

i dont uinderstand why any black man would put any stock at all into what most black women say in this day and age

more than half the time they dont even know themselves

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

who would want a woman who cared about my credit score = groupie to me - she should care about her's

Tia's Real Talk said...

Hey James..where have you been dude? Missed ya!

Read the comments above because I find myself saying the same things over and over. It's like I'm talking to the same guy when really its been a total of 5 between here and facebook.

Having a few late payments doesn't give you a 500 credit score. Liens, repos, etc does. And of course that goes for both sides. All credit should do for us and you is show your fianacially responsible you are. Most ladies want fianancial security in a husband (not date, or boyfriend) and with this kind of history, he might not be getting married anytime soon. I know a situation like this personally. She is financial str8 and his is not. She will not marry him til he gets his together. Every guy I know with a bad score is not too dependable, not reliable and are irresponsible. I'm only going off of what I see and know. You all should do the same, it's not a one way street.

Anonymous said...

Damn we asking for FICO's now has it gotten to that point in the game. Well I'm good but I'd better prep my ears for that line of questioning.

Tia's Real Talk said...

Hey freeman!! Whut it dew dude? I would never suggest a chick ask this. But once she finds out over time, proceed with caution before taking a financial relationship. lol (i.e marriage!)

James Tubman said...

women are easy to get tia

you dont have to a great fico score to get a black woman in this day and age

and why should we break our necks and go to all of these measures to please women who only value us for how much money we have or dont have

dont get me wrong im not saying a brother shouldnt be paid or not have goals

but dag can yall cut us a little slack lol

i mean when did how much money a brother have become so important

you dont even need a lot of money to be happy

in most cases having a lot of money gets in the way of real happiness because its a big dissapointment to a rich man to see that he did everything he could to make his woman live comfortably and she is still unhappy

romance is ALWAYS going to be way more important than money

i dont give a damn how much he screws up

Tia's Real Talk said...

James did you read the other comments like I suggested?

Any woman could get
Just like any man can get married..(guys in jail get married all the time)

Does it mean it will work? Does it mean they will be happy? All I'm saying is credit score shows your finically responsible. It has been true in all cases I know. It's true about me. I'm just advising EVERYONE to think before you commit. Marrying someone with terrible credit is not easy on marriage and it's even worse in divorce court and life afterwards.

CareyCarey said...

Tia, I had to come back to see if you were handlin' yo' business. I see the brothas are jumpin' all over you. But you in there. You are weathering the storm.

Looks like you need a little sista love on this one. To bad, to sad, they ain't ready for the truth *lol*. I ain't seen you in a while. I hit on something today that I would have loved to hear your sassy comments. Not sassy but you know what I mean. You are going to keep it real. Hey, you've felt the winds of the Windy City.

Tia's Real Talk said...

Like they say..a hit dog will holla and the truth hurts. lol..But all of the guys that spoke on here and facebook are friends so no love lost on anyone or any comment left. All is welcome..even if you bash I'm headed your way now.